Kit Harington shares rare insight into fatherhood and parenthood with Rose Leslie – .

Kit Harington shares rare insight into fatherhood and parenthood with Rose Leslie – .

Kit Harington traded his swords for hugs!

Rose Leslie gives birth and welcomes first baby with Kit Harington

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the The iron Throne alum recently shared a rare glimpse into his life as a first-time dad. Just five months ago, he and Rose Leslie, who he married in 2018, welcomed their first child together, a baby boy.

While the couple are known to be notoriously deprived of their personal lives, Kit has lifted the curtain on his new duties as a father during an interview with Access Hollywood. When asked what the most surprising thing about fatherhood is, the English actor stayed real.

“They tell you and they don’t tell you [about fatherhood]. Everyone says, “Look, what you’re about to go through is huge. “You have no way of knowing until this happens,” he said on Friday July 30. “What surprises you is, you say to yourself, ‘Oh, this goes on forever. Like, you don’t get a break. “

Kit Harington & Rose Leslie : Romance Rewind

the Modern love The actor explained that he and Rose have become closer than ever throughout this experience.

“Every day I wake up and take care of this little human and now we are part of a unit together,” he shared. “I think the thing that surprises me the most about fatherhood is that the three of you are now a unit. And that’s a whole new dynamic that you have to find. “

He added, “I find out just about every day as he grows and changes, how does that change you. It’s a beautiful thing, really. “


In September 2020, the Death on the Nile The actress has confirmed she is pregnant after making her baby bump debut for UK digital magazine MAKE.

Although the new mom has not shared any details about her little one, she did speak briefly about herself and Kit’s intimate downtime at their Tudor mansion in East Anglia.

“What a glorious thing to be able to run in the countryside and recover,” she told the outlet at the time. “It is a great privilege to be surrounded by greenery, songs of birds and hedges, and our charming neighbors. It is so peaceful. “

A month later, Rose gushed about her pregnancy, recounting Le New York Post, “I am delighted to be pregnant and can’t wait to meet our newest family member! “

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A year after getting married, Kit opened up about his future family plans with his wife during a 2019 interview with GQ Australie. Specifically, he thought about what it would be like for their children to see him fall in love with Rose and him. The iron Throne.

“It dawned on me recently,” he told the magazine. “And I don’t know if we will, but let’s say Rose and I have kids.” They will know it. They will be able to see the genesis of their parents come together. Which is a pretty wonderful thought, really. “

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