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The Kentucky soccer team opens its doors to fans and the media for a Saturday morning practice at Kroger Field. Our first chance to see the quarterbacks launch Liam Coen’s new attack, KSR will be providing updates throughout the morning of UK Fan Day. Keep checking back for updates on the best moments at Kroger Field.

ROUSH (11:04) – We can’t watch from the field this year. You must be an NFL scout to earn these privileges. The powder blue of the LA Chargers is well represented by a few people.

LUCKETT (11:11) — Few college football programs have three tackles better than Kentucky. Darian Kinnard, Jerermy Flax, and Dare Rosenthal each look like the part. Size, length, mass and athleticism. Eric Wolford is embarrassed by wealth in his first season on the staff.

LUCKETT (11:27) — The defense is running a revenue chase exercise and Marquan McCall does not appear to be with the group. Octavious Oxendine running with those who tackle limits. Kentucky lines up at a 4-2-5 / 3-3-5 base. Davonte Robinson at nickel. Josaih Hayes on the nose while Justin Rogers works with the two.

ROUGE (11:32) – QBs are working on their footwork outside of play-action sets. It’s pretty nice to see Kentucky passers-by smuggling from the center. Gatewood and Levis are certainly the two best options, each putting mustard on the ball effortlessly while unrolling.

LUCKETT (11:54) –We entered the 11-11 period of open practice and red-shirted running back JuTahn McClain got a few shots in the slot. We got to see plenty of 21 staff – two running backs, one close end – of Liam Coen’s offense this fall.

ROUGE (12:06) – Some quick notes of the 7 vs 7 part of the practice.

– Wan’Dale makes everyone a better place. He’s really good at squeezing between defenders in an area.
– Dingle made a nice catch on a wheel route 30 yards downstream.
– Tae Tae Crumes loves going out. He had two cute bits of drag swag from Beau Allen.
– Gatewood is strong on intermediate tracks, especially crossings. This seems to be his strength.

ROUGE (12:09) – We just finished a water break. Some have not been as quick to return to action as others. Stoops didn’t have it. “Get your butt off the bench!” ” Like. Football is back.

ROUGE (12:13) – Now for the fast hitters of the UK period at 11v11.

– Joey Gatewood took the first shots at QB with Brenden Bates on the field in 12 people. This will likely be Kentucky’s basic offensive package.

– The best game of the day featured RB JuTahn McClain parting ways with the wide receiver. The movement of the jet-sweep, combined with a false transfer, froze the defense. After the action game, Joey Gatewood hit an open Josh Ali on a crossing road. It was a long, beautiful passing game that we are not used to seeing.

– The next piece featured much faster playing action. Gatewood quickly pulled it out of his hands for an easy pitch-and-catch to Wan’Dale Robinson.

– It’s funny to see the tempo come out of a band. It’s just something I’m not used to seeing in cats.

– Abule Abadi-Fitzgerald receives a lot of love. He moves well. Should get a lot of reps as a 3-technique defensive tackle.

– An action game rollout with Levis appeared to be a game aborted after a receiver slipped in its way. Levis remained patient, then made a gentle pass over his body which McClain caught a few inches off the ground. It was an excellent recovery. McClain is going to play a big role in this offense.

LUCKET (12:22) – This is only his second practice at the station, but Izayah Cummings is just watching the tight end part. Brings value that offense just doesn’t have to the post. The Louisville (Ky.) Men’s product will help the offense this season and allow Liam Coen to get creative with the roster.

PILGRIM (12:35) – Stoops have their best playmakers coming back from the punt. The group is led by Wan’Dale Robinson, with Josh Ali, Mike Drennen and Dekel Crowdus completing the unit. I will draw some highlights from this unit.

ROUGE (12:43) – We just saw the two best highlights of the day during an 11v11 transition period.

ROUGE (12:46) – A few more highlights from the period that has elapsed 11-11.

– Chauncey Magwood had a nice header on a bad screen pass from Lévis.
– Tae Tae Crumes is a big fan of the homecoming routes.
– Jordan Lovett had a great play on a ball but couldn’t keep the pick near the touchline.

ROUGE (12:50) – Unfortunately, we have reached a point where every long pass is worthy of mention. Despite the circumstances, it’s always fun to watch someone finish a bomb.

Levis connected on another, this time in a live 11v11 stretch. He left a tear in Rahsaan Lewis, the son of Ray Lewis, who twisted his body and created some separation for him. wrap up a tough landing that was just less than 50 yards into the field.

ROUGE (12:55) – DeMarcus Harris deserves a shout. He was one of the most impressive receivers of the last period at 11-11. He made at least three contested catches in the intermediate passing game. The second catch in a row was a nice snatch about 25 yards from the line of scrimmage between the hash marks.

ROUSSE (1:00) – Practice ends with Beau Allen letting two balls fly across the football field with the three. Rahsaan Lewis was on the receiving side again, before Dekel Crowdus jumped in for a 40+ yard reception that ended open practice. Now it’s time to go to the Podcasting Lab to rehash everything we’ve seen over the past 48 hours. Don’t miss it.


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