Keir Starmer Warns Afghanistan Falling Into Terrorist Hands

Keir Starmer Warns Afghanistan Falling Into Terrorist Hands

The UK government must show leadership in the unfolding crisis in Afghanistan, the Labor leader said, as a former UK military chief called on the prime minister to launch an urgent humanitarian aid operation.

Keir Starmer said there was a risk that a global terror group would take control of the country after British and American forces withdrew, while Richard Dannatt said there was still time to show Afghans that they were were not completely abandoned.

“What I want to see is for our government to step up and lead this, and call for an urgent NATO meeting and an urgent UN Security Council meeting,” Starmer said.

“We have obligations to Afghanistan, we made promises to Afghanistan and we cannot let this turn into a humanitarian crisis, probably also a refugee crisis. There is a real risk that international terrorism will re-establish itself in Afghanistan, so we cannot step back and undermine the legacy of the past 20 years.

He urged the government to respond positively to Afghan President Ashraf Ghani’s latest appeal for international aid to end the conflict in his country.

And he said the timing of the decision to withdraw international forces from the country was “not the right one,” adding: “It seems there has been a miscalculation of the strength of the Taliban on one side. and the resilience of Afghan troops and government on the other.

Thousands of refugees fleeing the Taliban flocked to the capital Kabul as militants continued their meteoric advance across the country.

The collapse of Afghan government forces followed the Biden administration’s decision to withdraw any remaining U.S. forces, prompting other allies – including the United Kingdom – to follow suit.

While Lord Dannatt said he shared the anger of many military veterans who served in Afghanistan at the way the country was being left to its fate, he insisted it was not yet too late for the UK government to act.

“It’s OK to extract our British citizens. What about mounting a humanitarian operation in Kabul to take care of some of the refugees, build camps, deliver humanitarian supplies? He told BBC Breakfast.

“Let us at least show the Afghan government that we are not completely abandoning them and that we are always on their side. It is quite possible to do that.

“I think our government should think about that kind of response, even though it has now ended our broader military response.

“There may come a time when our last troops have to leave, but until then, let’s do what we can to help deal with the humanitarian crisis, even though we have given up on helping on the military side. “

Boris Johnson said on Friday that the current situation was the “inevitable logical consequence” of the Biden administration’s decision to withdraw all remaining US forces by the 20th anniversary next month of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

The Prime Minister insisted that the sacrifices of the British armed forces that fought in the country had not been in vain, but said that there was no longer any question of a “military solution” to stop the Taliban assault.

He said the government would use all possible political or diplomatic levers – including Britain’s overseas aid budget – to try to ensure Afghanistan does not once again become a breeding ground for international terrorism.

However, MPs from all political backgrounds were angry with the unfolding of events, with calls for Parliament to be reminded of its summer recess so they could discuss the crisis.


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