Kate Ferdinand shares honest selfie as she opens up about pigmentation insecurity – .

Kate Ferdinand shares honest selfie as she opens up about pigmentation insecurity – .

Kate Ferdinand is known for posting ultra glamorous photos, but has now made the courageous decision to share a no-makeup selfie that reveals she has pigmentation.

Ex-footballer Rio Ferdinand’s wife decided to post the photo after people kept asking her “what’s dark above your lip?” ”

Pigmentation is a very common skin condition, which can get worse after pregnancy and refers to patches of skin that become darker than the surrounding areas of the skin.

Mum-of-one Kate captioned her selfie with, “Me without makeup. For a few years now, even with an SPF 50 and a hat, as soon as the sun comes out, my face looks like a patchwork.

Kate says her face is “like a patchwork”

“I always feel so insecure about it and it really gets me down, I try to cover it up at all costs.

“For much of my life, I felt like I had to do my best to be perfect, I’m sick of having crazy and unrealistic expectations all the time.

“Although I make it difficult for myself at times, I do my best to love myself for who I am. ”

Kate is married to ex-footballer Rio Ferdinand


xkateferdinand / Instagram)

Kate’s outspoken post was greeted with a wave of support from her followers, including former Miss England Danielle Lloyd, who said: “Well done @xkateferdinand I get trolled all the time for my pigmentation, it gets worse with pregnancy also please share and show this is normal. “

Another said, “You are beautiful, well done for talking about it. “

While a third agreed, saying: “I love it !! I have this and I really care what people will think. Thank you for sharing. “

The TOWIE star is known for her glamorous photos


Kate Ferdinand/Instagram)

Kate is known to be open with her fans and has documented her recovery after undergoing a C-section following the birth of her son Cree last year.

Speaking to the Mirror, she said: “I don’t think I could work out for six weeks, I didn’t even really walk for six weeks, I don’t think so, then I gradually built it up slowly. .

“I just listen to my body, I don’t do anything if I feel like it’s being pulled or it’s just a little too much, I’m just going to stop.

“I was a bit of a machine before I had a baby, I realize, just a crazy training machine, and now I take it as it comes.

“I’m going to try to do whatever I can, but if it doesn’t look right on my scar, I’m just going to smooth it out.” “

Kate is an 8 month old scream mom


xkateferdinand / Instagram)

Kate said she felt “traumatized” by the operation and her anxiety was high because she wanted to be able to do more with her baby and stepchildren while she recovered from the operation.

She is the stepmother of Rio’s three older children, Lorenz, 14, Tate, 12, and Tia, 10.

The TV star continued, “I really struggled. I think I was a little traumatized because I wasn’t expecting the Cesarean and struggled with the fact that I couldn’t do things with Cree and the big kids and it was Christmas.

“I suffer from anxiety and my anxiety was at an all time high at that time. “


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