John Oliver drags GOP coronavirus clowns Ron DeSantis and Madison Cawthorn – .

John Oliver drags GOP coronavirus clowns Ron DeSantis and Madison Cawthorn – .

« The Delta variant is spreading wildly across the country, especially among the unvaccinated, with the United States recording an average of around 100,000 new infections per day, ”said John Oliver on Sunday evening. “And alarmingly, around 15% of new cases are children, with over 260 children newly hospitalized each day. And all of this means that many hospitals are overcrowded yet again, especially in parts of the country, with Florida and Texas alone accounting for 40% of new hospitalizations. ”
With this, the comedian launched the latest edition of his hit show HBO Last week tonight. He then threw pictures of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ “disappointing” response to the state’s ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

DeSantis said, “It’s in the air and it’s in aerosol form, and so we just have to understand that when that happens, these waves are something that you have to deal with. “

“Wow. The world is changing so fast, isn’t it? Oliver asked jokingly. “If you told me just a few years ago that the Republican Governor of Florida would respond to a deadly threat with, ‘These waves are just something you have to deal with,’ I guess they were talking about Miami sinking in. a warming ocean, not a totally different, totally self-induced crisis.

“And it’s pretty hard to hear this budget trainer say ‘Treat it’ when he really doesn’t seem to be doing it,” Oliver continued. “Just a few weeks ago, DeSantis issued an order banning school mask warrants, making Florida one of at least seven states now prohibiting schools from enforcing them. And school board meetings across the country have seen heated discussions on this issue. ”

In North Carolina, according to a video played by Oliver, Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC), who enjoys hitting trees, spending Hitler-centric vacations, and (allegedly) attacking female students in her car, shouted during a school board meeting, “The biggest threat to our children today is not from COVID-19. It comes from awakened Liberal government officials like you who think they know it all and are quite wise. “

Oliver snapped: “I’d say I was surprised by this, but he’s a man who’s posted this video of himself beating a tree before, so he clearly likes to pick pointless fights against opponents. imaginaries where he looks like a complete asshole. ”


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