John Cleese asks for housing in Huntsville, Ont, after Airbnb incident – .

John Cleese asks for housing in Huntsville, Ont, after Airbnb incident – .

OTTAWA – Several people have offered their homes and cabins in Huntsville, Ont., To famous actor John Cleese after an Airbnb incident left him with no place to stay while filming a movie in the area.

Cleese, an actor perhaps best known as the co-founder of comedy group “Monty Python”, tweeted Monday that his Airbnb in Huntsville had been leased to someone else, although he said the company had already took his money.

“Does anyone in Huntsville, Ontario have a nice place I can rent to live while I make a movie?” ” Cleese a tweeté. “Airbnb took our money but now says they gave our house to someone else. “

Since the tweet was sent, several people have responded by offering their cabins and lakeside homes for rent during filming.

“Advantageous rate for you” Jeanette Grant tweeted. “Only requires a little basil. Manuel and I promise not to mention the war, ”referring to his classic“ Fawlty Towers ”TV show.

Meanwhile, another Twitter user suggested, “Come on and stay here John, I promise I won’t quote Python stuff. “

In an email to, an Airbnb spokesperson said the company was trying to contact Cleese for more information, but had not been able to contact him. In response to Cleese’s tweet, Airbnb apologized.

It is not known which movie Cleese is filming in the area, although according to IMDB he is currently in pre-production for “Cut the Painter,” where he plays Harry, a man living in a small Canadian town who is hosting a former partner in Canada. handwriting suffering from a terminal illness.


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