Joe Biden on the brink as Democratic adviser warns President of “frightening” election disaster | World

Joe Biden on the brink as Democratic adviser warns President of “frightening” election disaster | World

The US president is under immense pressure this week after his decision to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan allowed the Taliban to regain control of the country. Mr Biden gave a speech last night, in which he said he “stands firm” to the decision despite the chaotic scenes seen in the Afghan capital, Kabul. He was convicted for the move – an opinion piece posted on the CNN website by a retired soldier said the collapse of Afghanistan was “willful abandonment” and the withdrawal of US forces ” left the tribes of Afghanistan only surrender ”.

Mr. Biden was defended in The New York Times, however. The newspaper said that “the calamity cannot be laid at the feet of President Biden alone.”
As the situation in Afghanistan grabbed the headlines this week, a former Democratic adviser also warned that President Biden also faces potential disaster at the national level.

Speaking on the Politics Weekly podcast, Jonathan Freedland asked David Shor why Democrats are facing a “scary” Midterms 2022.

The Open Labs data analyst explained how the demographics had “worried” him about the Democrats’ election hopes.

He said: “In 2016 there was a real realignment of the lines of education where the well-to-do and college graduates tended to move to the left, while the whites and non-whites of the working class have turned to the right.
“In the context of the United States, this is a very big problem because the American electoral institutions are simply not designed for coalitions based on urban professionals to win. “

Mr. Shor said the electoral college system in the United States has a “three-point bias” in favor of Republicans.

He added that Mr Biden won in 2020 with 52.3% of the popular vote – but had he only gotten 52% he would have lost despite millions more votes.

Mr. Shor said he was “scared” for Democrats midway through 2022 as some demographics like black voters and Hispanic voters shift to Republicans.

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He continued, “If you look at Hispanic voters, Democrats are down about nine percent. One in ten Hispanic voters went from Clinton to Trump.

“If you look at county by county, there are counties in Texas that have voted Democrats by 40 to 50 points for over 100 years, and Trump narrowly won or lost those counties.

“Florida was one of the only states to be more Republican in 2020 than in 2016. Exactly because there was a 14% shift among Hispanics in favor of Republicans. “

Earlier this month, Politico reported that a senior Democratic official had sent a blunt warning to his own party.

Representative Sean Patrick Maloney, the party’s campaign leader, warned that if the Midterms took place now, Mr Biden and his colleagues would suffer a defeat.

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Tim Persico, executive director of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) chaired by Maloney, recently gave a more optimistic view in an interview.

He said: “We are not afraid of this data… We are not trying to hide it. Yes [Democrats] use it, we’ll hold it home. This is what this data is telling us, but we need to take action. “

The comments came in response to a July poll commissioned by the DCCC.

They showed a Democratic candidate 6 points behind a Republican candidate in a generic swing districts poll.

The survey of 1,000 probable voters in 2022 was conducted in more than four dozen districts and areas of the Congressional battlefield.

A Democratic member who attended the briefing told Politico: “The ballot looked pretty grim to me. “


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