Jobs requiring an increase in Covid-19 vaccination in the past month – .

Jobs requiring an increase in Covid-19 vaccination in the past month – .

Vaccination is increasingly a requirement to be hired, as employers ranging from accounting and software companies to schools and restaurants ask applicants to be vaccinated against Covid-19.
The share of job postings indicating that a new employee should be vaccinated has nearly doubled in the past month, according to job search site Indeed. The total number remains low, with around 1,200 assignments requiring vaccination per million during the first week of August. But that’s way more than around 600 in early July and around 50 per million job postings in early February.
Many publications do not explicitly name Covid-19 as the vaccine required for the job, said Indeed economist AnnElizabeth Konkel, who wrote the report, but the broader context of the job descriptions suggested that most of employers were referring to the coronavirus vaccine, as opposed to other shots. Earlier this year, before Covid-19 vaccines became widely available in the United States, very few job postings outside of healthcare positions indicated a requirement for vaccination, she said. .
“Although the number of publications requiring a vaccine is still low, this is a trend that is really taking off,” Konkel said. “I think a growing number of employers are trying to keep workers safe and don’t want to shut down again this winter… They see vaccines as a way out of this pandemic.”
The increase in the number of vacancies requiring vaccination comes at a time when the number of coronavirus cases is increasing due to the rapidly spreading Delta variant. Employers ranging from the Federal and State of California governments to McDonald’s Corp. and Walt Disney Co. say at least some of their workers need to be vaccinated against Covid-19 soon to show up on job sites, or in some cases to face frequent testing or other demands.


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