Jesy Nelson is set to shock and infuriate fellow bandmates Little Mix with her ‘total rip off’ solo debut next month – .

Jesy Nelson is set to shock and infuriate fellow bandmates Little Mix with her ‘total rip off’ solo debut next month – .

WITH a decade under his belt as a member of Little Mix, Jesy Nelson had deserved a break.
And while her decision last December to walk away from the group to focus on mental health issues disappointed fans and fellow bandmates, the girls have all vowed to stay close and united.


Jesy Nelson’s highly anticipated new music set to release next monthCredit: @jesynelson

Solo debuts can shock and exasperate fellow Little Mix groupCredit: Jack Alexander / EUPHORIA

Yet just eight months later, Jesy is set to release her first solo track – and insiders predict her surprisingly similar sound and image to Little Mix’s will only spark further acrimony between the former buddies. , who now communicate almost exclusively through lawyers.

Last night, Jesy shared a teaser on Instagram of her first solo song. In addition to the stormy sounding dance floor, she says, “For me, this is the music that I have always wanted to do. “

In snippets of what appears to be the video for the single, she poses in an all-white outfit in an industrial elevator and appears to cry as she works with her dancers.

She continues, “I don’t think anyone is going to expect this. This is the new chapter for me.

“If you really believe enough in something and want it to happen, you can make it happen. “

Last week, she joined a troupe of 20 dancers for a video shoot in London for the single, which sources say will be released next month.

And as an industry source predicts, while fans of Jesy will be delighted to see her return, the timing and nature of her return is likely to spark further frustration with her former bandmates.

The source said: “Things have gotten more and more tense, but seeing her come back with a song and an image that could have been taken straight from the Little Mix playbook is going to be very confrontational.

“Girls have always vowed to be friends after everything they’ve been through, but now most of their communication goes through intermediaries, especially lawyers and managers, which is a real shame.


“Jesy’s new video shoot could have been a Little Mix single, it’s packed with choreography and the style is very similar as well.

“Her new label wanted to hit while the iron is hot, but the other girls are just going to wonder why the hell she had to quit the band if she was going to come back a few months later with a style that looks almost identical.

“And she actually recorded the music months ago, so I feel like putting two fingers in the air.” “

In a statement before Jesy stepped out of the limelight late last year, she said, “Being in the band has really impacted my mental health.

“I find the constant pressure to be in a girl group and meet expectations very difficult. “

She added that she was leaving the group “with a heavy heart”, but that she had to “spend time with the people I love” and “embark on a new chapter”.

Teammates Perrie Edwards, Leigh-Anne Pinnock and Jade Thirlwall told fans they fully support the decision, adding: “We love her very much and agree that it is so important that she does what is right for her. mental health and well-being. ”, Before confirming their intention to continue as a trio.

But Jesy continued to post pictures of herself online almost daily, and in an interview in May she blamed the coercion of making the group’s video for their No.1 hit Sweet Melody for pushing her to to leave. She said, “The last clip we did was the breaking point.

“Every time we had a music video, I put a lot of pressure on myself to try and lose weight. I’m afraid to look back at the camera.

Insiders predict sound and image surprisingly similar to Little MixCredit: YouTube
Jesy shared a teaser of her first solo song on Instagram
Jesy shared a teaser of her first solo song on Instagram

“If I don’t like what I see, I find it so difficult to be in front of the camera, to feel amazing and to perform. “

Days after last week’s video shoot, on a residential Hertfordshire street with a convoy of vintage cars, Jesy moved on to a promotional photoshoot – and revealingly deleted her Instagram profile previously filled with thousands of snaps to leave an empty space, alluding to her 8.2 million followers that she is ready to start a new era.

The move has become a favorite with pop stars, with a slew of big names, including Taylor Swift, using the same trick to alert subscribers of an upcoming announcement.

Jesy also replaced her profile picture with a pink circle and ditched everyone, including her former bandmates. Fans were already worried the old friends’ relationships would start to deteriorate earlier this year, after she did not publicly congratulate Leigh-Anne when she announced her pregnancy.

In contrast, other famous friends including Jade and Perrie – who is also pregnant – were quick to add their best wishes.

Many fans have expressed concern over the notable absentee from the celebrations, who has said very little about the group since leaving – with none of the girls coming out to quell the rumors.

Eyebrows rose again two weeks ago when Leigh-Anne posted a photo of the band’s wax works at Madame Tussauds – but cropped Jesy.

And longtime songwriter and Little Mix collaborator MNEK, who co-wrote Sweet Melody, recently said the band’s dynamics have changed for the better since they became a trio.

He explained, “The songs are great and they sound a lot lighter and a lot more excited. I think that’s a plus.


“The dynamic has changed because they do things that fall in between those three, and they’re very aware of what they’re bringing now as a trio. I think they appreciate this dynamic.

Although two of the girls are very pregnant, they continue to work on their own new music, with the recordings currently being “mixed and mastered”.

Another insider said, “Little Mix has not gone unnoticed that Jesy is moving forward with their business quickly and pursuing their own plans.

“A lot of people thought they might end up having a quieter year to start a family and take stock after Jesy’s departure, but they’re determined it doesn’t happen.

“They are working almost harder than ever. It’s like they have a point to prove and it won’t be long before they end up going head-to-head on the charts which is going to result in some very interesting battles.

“It’s fair to say that there isn’t a lot of love left between them all. The Little Mix girls are pretty disappointed with how things turned out, but Jesy makes it clear that she’s going it alone.

“Meanwhile, she also harbors her fair share of resentment. It is not impossible that it will come back in force in more than one way.

What is clear, according to sources, is that the two sides are now more divided than ever before – and although they speak little to each other in public, the feelings are increasingly freezing.

Yell at my ex, anyone?

The pop star deleted her Instagram profile previously filled with thousands of snaps to leave a blank space
The pop star deleted her Instagram profile previously filled with thousands of snaps to leave a blank spaceCredit: instagram
Fans fear Jesy's relationship with Little Mix is ​​starting to sour
Fans fear Jesy’s relationship with Little Mix is ​​starting to sourCredit: refer to the caption.

Little Mix waxes unveiled at Madame Tussauds


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