Jeremy Clarkson slammed for Covid comment ‘if you die, you die’ – .

Jeremy Clarkson slammed for Covid comment ‘if you die, you die’ – .

Jeremy Clarkson criticized the nation’s top scientists and said we should ‘walk through life with our fingers crossed’ and ‘if you die you die’.

The TV presenter made the comments in an interview with Times Radio, where he bizarrely gave his take on how to deal with a pandemic.

Mr Clarkson, who was sacked from the BBC’s Top Gear show when he hit a producer in a row over lunch, also called the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage) “communist.”
Sage provides scientific advice to help politicians in their decision-making during the pandemic.
“When it started I read about pandemics and they tend to last four years,” he said.
He added that he believed we should “walk through life with fingers crossed and a smile on our face.”
“I can see Boris [Johnson] does not want to open it and close us again, ”he said. “But if it has to be four years… and who knows, it could be 40 years.” “
He then made the following comment: “If this is to last forever, let’s open it and if you die, you die.”
Some 153,342 people in the UK have died with Covid mentioned on their death certificate.
It is reported that the coronavirus has killed more than four million people worldwide since the start of the pandemic.
His comments have been widely condemned on social networks.
Every Doctor UK Managing Director Dr Julia Grace Patterson said: ‘Why is anyone interested in what Jeremy Clarkson has to say about Covid-19 or the scientists? “
Meanwhile, writer James Felton commented on Twitter: “Strong and courageous words from a man who hit a coworker because his food was lukewarm. “


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