Jason Momoa’s interview becomes “uncomfortable” after a “disgusting” question on Game of Thrones – .

Jason Momoa’s interview becomes “uncomfortable” after a “disgusting” question on Game of Thrones – .

An interview with Jason Momoa turned into an extremely embarrassing interview after the actor took offense to a question about The iron Throne.
The Aquaman actor was interviewed by Le New York Times if he had “regrets” for the Thrones scenes in which his character, Khal Drogo, was sexually violent.

Momoa seemed happy enough to answer the question, “Well, it was important to portray Drogo and his style. You play as someone who looks like Genghis Khan. It was a really, really, really hard thing to do. But my job was to play something like that, and that’s not a good thing, and that’s what this character was.

He then added, “I’ve never really been asked about ‘Do you regret playing a role? We are going to put it this way: I have already done it. Don’t do it again.

From now on, clearly shaken Momoa appeared to close off on the interviewer, giving short, cold answers, which ultimately led to the end of the conversation.

When asked if he was “able to articulate” his “vision for the whole” Aquaman franchise, Momoa replied, “No.”

The actor was then asked about his time traveling the world in the 1990s and, when asked if he had any particular memory of his adventures, he replied, “Not really for you. Or for the world.

Jason Momoa was not happy with a question about “Game of Thrones”

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Understanding the hint, the interviewer ends the conversation, but Momoa still had the Thrones question in his mind.

“I wanted to bring up something that left me with a bad stomach feeling,” he said. “I was disappointed when you asked me that. It’s just disgusting – making me take something away. As if an actor even had the choice to do that. We don’t really have the right to do anything.

“There are producers, there are screenwriters, there are directors, and you can’t come and say, ‘I’m not going to do it because it’s not kosher right now and not fair. in the political climate. This never happens. So this is a question that seems icky. I just wanted you to know that.

Jason Momoa as Khal Drogo in “Game of Thrones”


Following the publication of the interview, some criticized Momoa for making the interview “uncomfortable”, while others defended the actor for his “legitimate” response, calling him “a man of society. “.


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