Jason Momoa said he was traveling with children’s stuffed animals – .

Jason Momoa said he was traveling with children’s stuffed animals – .

“These go everywhere with me. “

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During a new interview with GQ, Momoa revealed 10 things he can’t live without, and two of those “very important” items are his children’s soft toys.

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Momoa’s daughter, Lola, has a stuffed piglet named Piggy Pig Spirit, and her son, Wolf, has a stuffed bison named Potato.

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Speaking of them, Momoa couldn’t help but bring the stuffed animals closer to her face to snuggle up to them.

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“If you have babies, you know you have stuffed animals,” he explained. “And if you’re not with your babies, then you’ll be cuddling stuffed animals. “

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“Wolfie just got this amazing character and he called him Potato, and I thought that was the coolest name for a stuffed animal! Momoa added.

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the Aquaman star explained that the toys “sleep in [the same] reads ”with him when he is away from his children, and they are also the best“ travel companions ”.

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“When I don’t have my [children] with me, which I normally do, he said, but if I don’t [then] these go everywhere with me.

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Momoa became so fond of toys that he couldn’t share any stories about his travels with them.

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“I think it’s a little too personal so unfortunately I won’t go into the stories because it’s just for me and my family,” Momoa explained.

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