Jason Momoa and Emilia Clarke reunite to see if he can still “squeeze a Khaleesi on a bench” – .

Jason Momoa and Emilia Clarke reunite to see if he can still “squeeze a Khaleesi on a bench” – .

Call it the mother of “Game of Thrones” reunions: Emilia Clarke and Jason Momoa are together again.

The two actors, who played the roles of the highly toxic and yet beloved couple Daenerys Targaryen and Khal Drogo on the HBO series, have remained close long after the sun went down over their on-screen relationship.

Almost two years after their last meeting, Clarke and Momoa reunited this weekend to celebrate the birthday of “Game of Thrones” co-creator and showrunner David Benioff.

In an Instagram post Clarke shared on Sunday, the couple are all smiles as Momoa cradles her in her famous muscular arms.
“When your sun and stars come to town, you check that he can still press a Khaleesi,” Clarke wrote insolently, referring to the show’s oft-quoted line.
She also added the hashtags #drinkingwithdrogoimamazedwesurvived, #theboysarebackintown, and #likeheneverleft, suggesting everyone had a great time.

In the comments below the post, Momoa gushed about her former co-star, writing “I forever love you the moon of my life” alongside plenty of heart emojis.

The romance continued on the ‘Aquaman’ star’s own account where he shared several snaps of their reunion with Clarke sitting on his lap, while he wears, for some reason, a military style hat.
“MOON OF MY LIFE. you are wonderful, i love you forever @emilia_clarke, ”Momoa wrote in the caption before sending her birthday greetings to Benioff.
Presumably, the “Game of Thrones” group has made a stop in London, where Clarke resides full time and Momoa is currently filming DC’s upcoming superhero sequel “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom”.
Fans can’t wait to see the two reunite, as their last documented hangout dates back to 2019. They’ve reunited to ring Clarke’s 33rd birthday with the help of Kit Harington, who played Jon Snow in the fantasy series. .
“Reunions have never felt so hairy,” Clarke wrote in the caption at the time alongside a photo of the group locked in a hug.
Earlier this month, Momoa reflected on her role on “Game of Thrones” when asked to star in scenes depicting sexual violence, an all-too-common occurrence on the HBO show.
After briefly answering the question, Momoa returned to the topic later to express that the line of inquiry “left a bad feeling in my stomach” as he was rarely able to make decisions on the show.
“When you brought up ‘Game of Thrones’ you brought up what’s going on with my character and would I do it again,” the actor told The New York Times. “I was disappointed when you asked me that. It’s just disgusting – making me take something away. As if an actor even had the choice to do that. We don’t really have the right to do anything. There are producers, there are screenwriters, there are directors, and you don’t have the right to come in and say to yourself, “I’m not going to do this because it’s not kosher in this moment and not fair in the political climate. This never happens. So this is a question that seems icky. I just wanted you to know that. ”


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