Jack-O announced for Guilty Gear Strive, release date revealed – .

Jack-O announced for Guilty Gear Strive, release date revealed – .

We already knew that Guilty Gear Strive’s second DLC character would launch before the end of this month, and we finally know who will be returning to the cast and when they’ll be removed.

Right before the start of the Top 8 Evo for North America, Arc System Works announced that Jack-O is returning with a new trailer as many fans have suspected.

Jack-O first appeared in Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator as a new character with great story significance, and now she’s back with a selection of new moves that use her unique minion mechanics.

While his visual design may look roughly the same, Jack-O’s gameplay loop looks almost entirely different with his house-building tower defense style movement set changed in favor of instant summoning his minions.

Like Goldlewis before her, players will have access to Jack-O starting August 27 for Season Pass 1 owners, while those looking to collect it individually will have to wait a few days until August 30.

You can check out the trailer for Jack-O below. The story is developing …


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