Jack Dorsey says Bitcoin will unite the world, but doesn’t say how – .

Jack Dorsey says Bitcoin will unite the world, but doesn’t say how – .

Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey, a Bitcoin super fan, claimed on Monday that cryptocurrency will eventually unite the world. Yes really.

On Monday afternoon, an amendment to the Senate infrastructure package that would have broadened government involvement in cryptocurrency was blocked. Soon after, Dorsey tweeted that “#Bitcoin will unite a deeply divided country. (and possibly: world).

Dorsey did not specify in which country, but given that he was tweeter a parcel about the amendment since it failed, it seems likely that he is talking about the United States. He has not yet explained further.

This isn’t the first time Dorsey has presented Bitcoin as a vague solution to big problems. At a Bitcoin conference in July, he said that “my hope is that [Bitcoin] creates peace in the world. He elaborated:

Elon said that earlier. We all have these monopolies on violence, and the individual does not have the power. The amount of cost and distraction that comes from our monetary system today is real, and it distracts attention from bigger issues, some of the bigger issues Elon is trying to solve – like bringing us to humanity. multiplanetary. All of these distractions that we face on a daily basis take us away from all those more important goals that increasingly affect every person on this planet. It might sound a little silly, but you fix that fundamental level and everything above it improves, in such a dramatic way. It’s gonna be long term, but my hope is definitely peace.

It’s still unclear how Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency valued at over $ 46,000 for a single coin and one that is mined at enormous cost to the environment, can help solve some of the world’s fundamental problems.

Dorsey has been preaching the Bitcoin gospel for quite some time now, displaying a Bitcoin clock while testifying before Congress, opening a new Bitcoin business unit for Square called TBD, and even suggesting in 2018 that Bitcoin will become the world’s ‘single currency’. in 10 years. It seems likely that it will continue to drum up Bitcoin for the foreseeable future – maybe soon it will even allow people to buy Twitter ads with it.


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