India says it will prioritize Hindus and Sikhs in Afghan visas – .

India says it will prioritize Hindus and Sikhs in Afghan visas – .

But experts say India is navigating cautiously in its dealings with the new Afghan rulers. Indian diplomats recently made efforts to engage with the Taliban as part of the US-led talks in Doha, Qatar.

Some in India have urged their government to engage directly with the Taliban. Vivek Katju, a former Indian ambassador to Afghanistan, told The Wire last week that the country had become a “spectator” in Afghanistan and that Indian leaders did not know “where to turn”.

“Relations with the Taliban should take place,” Katju said in a telephone interview with The New York Times on Tuesday. “The mechanics of engagement should be such that it should be open and straightforward. “

Pakistani leaders, for their part, have not welcomed the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan.

“When you embrace someone’s culture, you believe it is superior and you end up becoming its slave,” Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Monday in a veiled reference to the United States and Western culture. “In Afghanistan, they broke the chains of slavery,” Khan said during an appearance in Islamabad, “but the slavery of the spirit does not break. “


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