Immunization rate in the United States reaches the highest rate in weeks – .

Immunization rate in the United States reaches the highest rate in weeks – .

The COVID-19 vaccination rate in the United States continues to rise, a positive sign amid skyrocketing cases and hospitalizations after weeks of late vaccinations.

The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported on Sunday that an additional 816,203 doses had been administered, the fifth day in a row the agency recorded more than 700,000 shots. That brings the total number of doses administered to 346,456,669, according to CDC figures released on Sunday.

The seven-day average of doses administered is now 662,529 per day, the highest average since July 7.

Additionally, Sunday was the third day in a row that the seven-day average of people getting their first hits exceeded 400,000. The last time that metric exceeded 400,000 was on the weekend of July 4th.

This is still less than a quarter of the peak in mid-April, when nearly 2 million people received their first injection each day.

If the United States adopted vaccinations at the April rate, it would only take a month and a half to reach all eligible people.

According to CDC data released Sunday, 168.4 million people are fully vaccinated, or 49.6% of the U.S. population. Among Americans eligible for the vaccine, that is, those aged 12 and older, 58.1% are fully immunized.

Dr Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health, hopes the recent increase in the number of cases caused by the Delta variant will change the minds of vaccine-hesitant, he told CNN’s Jake Tapper on Sunday. Collins noted that in the past two weeks, immunization rates have increased 56% nationally.

“This can be a tipping point for those who have hesitated to say, ‘OK, it’s about time,’” Collins said. “I hope that’s what happens. This is what desperately needs to happen if we are to put this Delta variant back in its place. “

Overall, the seven-day average of people fully immunized each day is 247,385 people per day.

Twenty states have now fully immunized more than half of their residents, including Colorado, Connecticut, Hawaii, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York , Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia and Washington. State, as well as Washington, DC.

On the other hand, the states with the lowest percentage of their population vaccinated are Alabama and Mississippi, which have 34% and 35% of their residents vaccinated, respectively.

Correction: An earlier version of this story and title gave a bad timing for dosing. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported the extra doses on Sunday, but it is not known when they were all given.

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