IDF identifies Hezbollah activist who shot Israel – .

IDF identifies Hezbollah activist who shot Israel – .

The Hezbollah agent who fired a 20 rocket salute at Israel on Friday was identified by the IDF as Ali Kajak, and he had been documented on several occasions near the border in civilian clothes.

Kayak “was near the Israeli border a short time ago in civilian clothes – as usual for Hezbollah terrorists, in civilian clothes – in order to violate international resolutions binding on the Lebanese state,” the spokesperson said. Arabic-speaking IDF Avichay Adraee on Twitter. .

“Kajak fired rockets near the Druze village in order to implicate him, as his border tours were aimed at involving the Lebanese state,” Adraee continued, adding that “this is further proof of the terrorist party’s contempt for the sovereignty of Lebanon, Lebanese sects and international resolutions.

Hezbollah claimed responsibility for the rocket attacks on Friday, saying that “at 11:15 a.m., the Islamic Resistance responded to the Israeli aggression by targeting the vicinity of enemy Israeli posts in Shebaa Farms with dozens of rockets fired since. forests far from residential areas ”.

The Iron Dome missile defense system intercepted 10 rockets, 6 of which landed in open areas near Har Dov on the Lebanese border. The others fell inside Lebanon.

The truck carrying the mobile multi-gun rocket launcher along with Kajak and other Hezbollah militants was later stopped by Druze residents of the village of Shwayya. Kajak was seen being violently forced into the car and is heard to say that he did not belong to the Lebanese Shiite terrorist group.

Although the Lebanese Armed Forces arrested the four militants involved in the rocket fire, Kajak was later released.

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett on Sunday congratulated the Druze residents who stopped the truck, saying that “there is a very important awakening of many citizens in [Lebanon] against Hezbollah and Iranian involvement in the country, which, amid the severe economic and political crisis, is also dragging them to the front with Israel.

In a speech on Saturday night, Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah said the rocket attacks were carried out far from a residential area targeting Shebaa farms and that he condemned those who arrested and filmed the agents.

“I tell people in non-Shiite villages that we had to use this area to target (a specific area of ​​Shebaa farms),” he said. “What was worse than the Shwayya incident was the filming of the incident and the distribution of the footage, which inflamed the feelings, and I was personally appalled. “

“What happened in Shwayya was very, very bad,” Nasrallah said.


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