IDF attacks in Gaza following riots and incendiary balloons – report – .

Israeli airstrike targets Syria – report – .

The IDF is attacking targets in the Gaza Strip, Palestinian media say. Explosions were heard in the area.

According to reports, the IAF attacked a Hamas army post in Salah a-Din in the central Gaza Strip region using an unmanned aerial vehicle.

Some 11 Palestinian protesters were injured in clashes with the IDF on Saturday evening following riots on the Gaza border.

Palestinian media reported at around 8 pm on Saturday that “night harassment units” from Gaza were gathering on its border with Israel at a point on the fence east of Gaza City. Riots resumed around midnight.

Hundreds of rioters gathered at the border, burned tires and threw explosives. IDF forces have deployed and in the region responded with riot munitions and Ruger riot sniper rifles, according to the IDF spokesperson’s Unit.

The troops have been reinforced by special forces and tank units, he added.

At least 11 Palestinians were wounded at midnight, some seriously, by IDF fire, according to Israeli and Palestinian sources.

Earlier on Saturday, a 12-year-old boy who was present during the violent border riots last Saturday died from injuries he sustained during the violence.

“The period of calm [Israel] has lived is past, and he must prepare for the sounds of our explosions. We will continue our popular movement until the complete lifting of the siege of the Gaza Strip, ”the night units warned in a statement on Saturday.

Earlier today, two fires broke out in settlements near Israel’s southern border following incendiary balloons originating in the Gaza Strip. Incendiary balloons were sent into Israel in the past few days, setting off 10 fires on Tuesday after the IDF struck targets throughout Monday night.

Tensions remain high despite the easing of some restrictions on the Gaza Strip which came into effect on Wednesday, ahead of Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and US President Joe Biden meeting.

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