“I wouldn’t call it football. I care too much about my well-being ‘| Ents & Arts News – .

“I wouldn’t call it football. I care too much about my well-being ‘| Ents & Arts News – .

Hollywood star Ryan Reynolds told Sky News his takeover of non-league football club Wrexham was “the role of a lifetime” – and assured UK fans the one word he certainly won’t use in regarding his new team.

“I wouldn’t dare call it football,” he said. “I care enough about my well-being not to call it football. “

Phew. Reynolds is off to a good start for the new season.

The Deadpool actor speaks on Zoom ahead of the release of his latest film Free Guy, which tells the story of Guy, a bank employee who lives a Groundhog Day existence until he finds out that he’s actually just a background character in a violent open-world video game. It looks like a summer blockbuster that feels right, and Wrexham fans should be treated to a special preview screening on Tuesday night.

Reynolds and his friend Rob McElhenney, creator and star of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, took 100% control of the Welsh club, known as Red Dragons, from the Wrexham Supporters Trust (WST) in February after the offer was approved by fans, and invested £ 2million as part of the deal.

Posted to social media on the day the buyout was announced, the Canadian actor shared a photo of himself in a club hoodie with his initials on it. “And let’s go…” the caption read on Instagram, followed by the hashtag #UpTheTown. “I can’t get to the racetrack fast enough. Play, ”he wrote on Twitter.

The two stars want to raise the profile not only of the club but also of the region, Reynolds told Sky News, and to show their appreciation to the fans; hence the preview screening in the city of North Wales.

“Well, first, [I’m] super excited, ”says Reynolds. “I mean, we didn’t hide it, it’s the role of a lifetime for me and for Rob McElhenney. “

With the COVID-19[feminine[feminine pandemic meaning they haven’t been able to visit the club this year, the plan is to spend time on the team’s field, the racetrack, when they finally can.

“I think the first thing we’re going to do is go to the racetrack and spend some time on the pitch and try to absorb as much of the club and Wrexham legacy as possible,” Reynolds says. “And then we’re going to get as involved as possible in the community. You know, I’m thrilled to just be in the city and see all that the city has to offer.

Reynolds is currently playing the role of Guy in Free Guy. Photo: Alan Markfield / Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
The star invested in Wrexham alongside Rob McElhenney. Photo: Dave Starbuck / picture-alliance / dpa / AP

“There is such a rich history in Wrexham and there is such a legacy of incredible adoration and love for this club and we kind of feel like the community and the club are really connected. We are delighted, hopefully, to raise the profile of both. “

Wrexham will play their first game of the 2021-22 season at home against Yeovil Town on Saturday, August 21.

Reynolds and McElhenney are both set to appear in an all-zone access documentary series on the club called Welcome To Wrexham after the ups and downs of their first two seasons.

When it comes to his own soccer skills (not soccer), Reynolds, 44, says he’s not bad – but it doesn’t look like he’ll show up in front of the players anytime soon.

“My football skills are good,” he says. “I mean, I played for, I don’t know, 10 years as a kid. I don’t even pretend to be close to the level of the players at the club or even just your average every day, you know, human being in Wales.

“I wouldn’t pit my skills against anyone, but I love it. Yeah, I really like him. I am delighted to see the club go. “

Free Guy, starring Ryan Reynolds, hits theaters this Friday, August 13. Look for more information about the film and our interview with the star on the Sky News website and app later this week.


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