I love Golden Nugget online games – .

You should own PayPal, not redeem it

FMC Corporation: “I don’t know. They had a cost issue. Fermium Research, which I use, Frank Mitsch, has downgraded it. I’m with him. I’m so sorry… but no, I have to go with Mitsch. ”
The Blackstone Group: “Blackstone is the king. Jon Gray is awesome, not just because he’s a great [COO]… He just so happens to be a fabulous, fabulous man of charity. Blackstone is wonderful. “

Welltower Inc .: “I like Welltower, but it’s not as good as Ventas and it’s [CEO] Deb Cafaro, who loves money with me. “

Golden Nugget Online Gaming: “You know I believe in [Chairman and CEO Tilman Fertitta]. I mean, how can you not be? He’s a money maker, so I love Golden Nugget. “

Modine Manufacturing Company: “How did that blow up the quarter?” I mean, how could he? They should be in the sweetest place. No… They’re in the penalty area. “

Lordstown Motors Corp .: When asked if he would try his luck with the besieged company, “only because one of the advantages of stocks is that they stop at $ 0”.

Oramed Pharmaceuticals Inc .: Because of some of the things that I do with the American Migraine Foundation and other things, it’s a good company, and I really like what they do and I think you should be there. to go. “



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