Hungarian F1 GP: Verstappen and Hamilton on the field after the red flag – live!

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Tour 13/70. Hamilton tries to take a step on Gasly but the Frenchman keeps his distance. Verstappen’s struggle with Schumacher continues to prove equally fruitless. Championship leader just can’t find and open


Tour 12/70. Here is their position: 1 Ocon, 2 Vettel 3 Latifi, 4 Tsunoda, 5 Sainz, 6 Alonso, 7 Russell, 8 Raikkonen, 9. Ricciardo, 10 Schumacher. Verstappen is 11th and Hamilton 13th, and there are only 14 drivers in the race


Tour 11/70. In the lead, Vettel, the former stager, approaches Ocon, whose lead is reduced to 1.1 seconds. Latifi is eight seconds later. Hamilton learned on the radio that his brake temperature was too high, so the champion has even more to think about, back in 13th place. What an afternoon that promises to be.


Tour 10/70. Hamilton goes inside in front of Giovanazzi to earn a spot. Verstappen tries the same on Schumacher but fails. Both are out of the top 10. Giovanazzi picked up a 10-second penalty for speeding in the pit lane.


Tour 9/70. Hamilton has his voice dejected on the radio, his team urging him that he can still do it. He tries to pass Giovanazzi but does not quite succeed, he still has a little momentum



Tour 8/70. Verstappen overhauls Gasly to move up to 11th place. Ocon leads by 1.8 sec. Vettel is second and Latifi, who has never been so high in the field in F1, is third.


Tour 7/70. Mazepin is now out of the race, colliding with Raikkonen as he was released into the pit lane. The madness continues


Tour 6/70. It’s chaotic again there in a different way. And here’s how they line up now: Ocon leads from Vettel, Latifi, Tsunoda and Sainz. Verstappen is 11th and Hamilton 14th. Dizzying stuff.


Tour 5/70. The unfortunate George Russell has a puncture as Hamilton comes to a stop. Ocon directs


Tour 4/70. Hamilton didn’t take enough time to stop and stay in front. Mercedes made a blunder?


Lights off and off we go!

Hamilton the only pilot who did not leave the stands!


They are on the formation lap on a now dry track! So how long are all those mid-size tires going to last? Ocon and Sainz change tires accordingly. Just like Tsunoda. They will join from the pit lane!



An equally unhappy Lando Norris said a penalty should be considered for Bottas for the crash. If there is any consolation for the McLaren man, currently third in the world championship, it is that the three drivers behind him are also out of the race and therefore cannot encroach on his position.


An inconsolable Perez confirms he has lost an engine, which will also result in a penalty later in the season.


They move away on Verstappen’s car to great effect, the Dutchman himself looking stern and anxious behind his mask. A great test of temperament to come for him. He and Hamilton will now drive without teammates, with Perez and Bottas both victims of this first carnage in the turn.


The race will resume at 2:32 p.m. BST


“Bottas caused it all. I just can’t wait for Horner to lament! writes Hugh Molloy. It’s definitely not raining, but it’s raining for Red Bull right now. Verstappen is currently in the pits for repairs but will start at the bottom of the field.


Red flag!

They stop the race, to face the many debris on the track.


Leclerc, Perez, Balade and Bottas are all out of the race



Tour 2/70. Okay, let’s try to get through this. Bottas broke way too late, prompting Norris to bump him up, with Verstappen and Perez – both Red Bulls – being knocked out in the uproar. The safety car got out. Verstappen appears to have lost some body work.





Lights off and let’s go!





The rain is falling now while the hymn is played.



Christian Horner explained that Verstappen had to change his engine this morning. After starting with an expression of condolences to the family and friends of the Marshal who died yesterday at Brands Hatch. Horner told Sky the engine was shown to his team in Japan for visual checks after Red Bull noticed a crack appeared in the engine after running yesterday. “This is another consequence of the Silverstone incident,” said supremo Red Bull. “We had to replace it with another power unit – there is no grid penalty here, but it makes life difficult to stay in the three power units for the rest of the season. It’s fixable, but we certainly couldn’t make it work here today.


Rain is expected in 15 minutes, we are told. Hamilton is a wet master of course.



Verstappen a grandiose its huge Dutch audience at the Hungaroring. “It’s great to see such support. His concise assessment of the challenge ahead: “I have to stop a little later in the first corner. A slightly more annoying response than his “Can we stop on this already?” We’ve had so many fucking questions about this. yesterday when asked about the Silverstone crash.


Lewis Hamilton spoke to Sky about his attempt to win his 100th race. “I remember the dream of getting one so I’m very grateful and happy,” he said. . Regarding today’s challenge, with his teammate Bottas on different tires, he added: The tires can last longer. Valtteri did an incredible job yesterday to finish second ”.





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