How to obtain the Health Pass in France for tourists from outside the EU – .

How to obtain the Health Pass in France for tourists from outside the EU – .

All tourists who are not from the European Union and who are already in France, or those who will arrive by August 15 at the latest, must now apply for a Covid vaccine certificate. For non-European tourists, this health certificate or passport, as it is called, will allow them to enter events and places inside the country.

Authorities are working on a system that will allow all foreign tourists who have been vaccinated with any of the approved vaccines to obtain a COVID-19 certificate. According to the rules enacted by France, the second dose of the vaccine should have been taken at least seven days before the trip.

The French Minister of State in charge of Tourism, Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne, declared: “In accordance with the decision of the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron, we have set up with the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs a specific mechanism for non-EU tourists already in France to receive a QR code which will serve as a French COVID certificate. “

This new system will be aimed at those who have been vaccinated in a country other than those of the European Union. A person must provide certain documents by e-mail in PDF, JPG or PNG format to be able to claim the health pass in France. The documents include a vaccination certificate issued by the country of residence; a valid passport; passenger’s return air ticket; and an application form which can be downloaded from the websites of embassies and consulates.


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