How does the number of Covid vaccines in France compare with the rest of Europe? – .

How does the number of Covid vaccines in France compare with the rest of Europe? – .

France is now in the top 10 European countries in terms of the number of people fully vaccinated, after being strongly criticized for the slow deployment of vaccines at the start of the campaign.
France occupies ninth place among the major European nations (also including the United Kingdom and Switzerland), with 56.4% of people fully vaccinated.

This places the country just ahead of the 10th country, the Netherlands (56.1%).

Figures come from data Our World in Data website. It uses the most recent official figures from governments and health ministries around the world, and the per capita measures are all based on the latest revision of the United Nations World Population Prospects. The complete global list can be seen here.

The eight European countries ahead of France are:

Behind France are Italy (56%), Germany (55.2%), Austria (54.3%), Cyprus (54.2%), Luxembourg (54%), Greece (52.0%) and Switzerland (49.2%).

This classification may of course change as the vaccination campaigns in each country continue.

Top on daily injections

France also now leads the number of people who get injected at least one dose (both the first, second and in some cases third) each day.

France currently administers 7,284 injections per million inhabitants per day, ahead of Spain (6,990), Italy (6,365), Germany (4,216), the United Kingdom (2,842) and Poland (1,949).

This was in part boosted by President Emmanuel Macron’s announcements last month on the health pass extension.

However, this boost did not last; since the beginning of August, the number of first injections administered has been falling in France.

This is also the case for other major European countries, including Germany, Spain, Italy and the United Kingdom.

Despite this, France is still on track to meet the government target of 50 million people vaccinated with at least one injection by the end of August.

So far, 45.2 million people in France have already received at least one dose, and between 1.5 million and 3 million first injections are given each week.

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