House delays vote on infrastructure, budget plans – .

House delays vote on infrastructure, budget plans – .

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) answers questions as she holds her weekly press conference with reporters from Capitol Hill to the Capitol in Washington, July 22, 2021.
Élisabeth Frantz | Reuters
The House canceled a vote scheduled for Monday to push forward two key economic proposals as centrist Democrats and party leaders failed to break the deadlock on how to proceed with President Joe Biden’s sprawling economic agenda .
The chamber will meet again Tuesday at noon ET as Democrats attempt to strike a deal to push forward legislation they see as an economic boon and lifeline for households. Biden’s domestic policy goals – and even his party’s pressure to retain control of Congress midway through next year – may hinge on the Democrats’ ability to find a compromise.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi lobbied for the passage of a bipartisan $ 1,000 billion infrastructure bill and her party’s separate $ 3.5 trillion spending plan at the same time. The process could take months, as the House must join the Senate in passing a budget resolution before lawmakers write a final proposal.

Nine members of Pelosi’s caucus urged the California Democrat to approve infrastructure legislation passed by the Senate this week and send it to Biden’s office. Pelosi wants to match the bills to make sure centrists are wary of a $ 3.5 trillion price tag and progressives who see the infrastructure plan inadequate support both measures.

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Democratic leaders have a small margin of error as they attempt to pass their plan to expand the social safety net without a Republican vote. They will have to convince the 50 members of their Senate caucus and all Democrats except three.

In a letter over the weekend, Pelosi told Democrats that she intends to pass both the infrastructure bill and the Democrats’ spending plan by October 1.

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