Horrible moment Huge python slides down spice rack in busy supermarket – World News – .

Horrible moment Huge python slides down spice rack in busy supermarket – World News – .

It’s the horrible moment when a huge python slips along a shelf in a busy supermarket.

The three-meter-long reptile was seen sneaking through a spice section of a Woolworths in Sydney this week.

Customer Helaina Alati was looking for spices when she turned her head and saw the diamond python “only eight inches from my face”.

She told Guardian Australia: “He just wanted to say hello. ”

She said he was initially curled up behind the spices and dozens of people “had to walk past”.

Woolworths staff “reacted quickly and calmly” to cordon off the area to ensure the safety of customers, a supermarket spokesperson said.

The non-poisonous snake surprised buyers


Facebook/Hilary Leigh)

Helaina said: “It’s lucky that I too came out. Most people would have panicked. ”

Luckily, Helaina once worked as a volunteer snake catcher and was able to get the necessary equipment from her neighboring house to safely remove her.

She then released him to a nearby bush.

She continued, “It was cold and not aggressive at all.

“He was not in a defensive position. It slipped directly into the bag. I’m used to seeing snakes in weird places, but I wouldn’t expect it to be in a Woolworths.

This python slipped out of spices, shocking supermarket shoppers


Facebook/Hilary Leigh)

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Diamond pythons are non-venomous snakes and are found in bush areas and national parks in Sydney.

They are nocturnal and have slow habits, which makes it difficult for people to notice them.

The Australian Museum states on its website: “The diamond python is not as common in Sydney as it used to be and, although it is not considered endangered, it is under pressure from the destruction of its land. habitat.

“Pythons are not poisonous but can inflict a painful bite. Teeth can break and become embedded in the victim.

A video of the uninvited guest went viral with many responding online.

One of them wrote: “Only in Australia! “


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