High infection levels and cases ‘mean UK is at the forefront of virus management’ – .

High infection levels and cases ‘mean UK is at the forefront of virus management’ – .

HHigh levels of coronavirus infection and rising case rates have led to a warning that the UK is ‘heating up’ when it comes to managing the spread of the disease.

With the prevalence of the infection in England around 25 times higher than at the same time last year, an expert said the current situation is “a first idea of ​​what life is like with Covid-19” .

Dr Simon Clarke, associate professor of cell microbiology at the University of Reading, said that while vaccines reduce the number of hospital admissions and deaths, a high number of cases “still places an unnecessary burden on the patient. NHS ”.
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The rate of new cases of the virus is currently increasing in all four countries, suggesting that the sharp drop in Covid-19 cases that had been underway since mid-July is now over.
Separately, the latest estimates from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) Infection Survey show that levels of coronavirus infection remain high across much of the UK.
The prevalence is highest in Northern Ireland, where around one in 55 people reportedly had Covid-19 last week – unchanged from the previous week and the highest level since the end of January.
Next come England, where the number is around one in 75, also unchanged from the previous week.
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The ONS said that while the percentage of people testing positive for the coronavirus in England “continues to be high”, estimates suggest “an overall downward trend over the past two weeks”.
In Wales, where around one in 220 people are estimated to have had the virus last week, the trend is described by the ONS as ‘uncertain’. It is broadly unchanged at one in 230 the previous week.
Scotland was the only region to experience a drop, with ONS estimates suggesting that around one in 190 people had Covid-19 in the week to August 7, compared to one in 120 the week before.


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