Hawaii records 2 new coronavirus-related deaths, 1,678 additional infections – .

Hawaii records 2 new coronavirus-related deaths, 1,678 additional infections – .

Hawaii Department of Health officials today reported two new coronavirus-related deaths and 1,678 new confirmed and probable infections statewide, bringing the state’s total since the start of the pandemic to 589 deaths and 62,229 cases.
No further information was immediately available regarding the latest deaths.

The state’s official coronavirus death toll includes 455 deaths on Oahu, 68 on Maui, 59 on the island of Hawaii, three in Kauai and three residents of Hawaii who died out of state.

The number of coronavirus-related deaths in the United States today is over 637,000 and the number of infections nationwide is over 38.7 million.

Today’s new confirmed and probable infection count per island includes 1,239 new cases in Oahu, 147 in Maui, 214 in the island of Hawaii, 55 in Kauai, one in Molokai, two in Lanai and 20 Hawaii residents diagnosed out of state.

State health officials included probable infections in the total number of cases. Likely infections include people who have never received a confirmatory test but who would have had the virus because of their exposure and known symptoms or because of a positive antigen test.

The total number of confirmed and probable coronavirus cases per island since the start of the epidemic is 43,866 in Oahu, 7,265 in Maui, 7,430 in Hawaii County, 1,243 in Kauai, 131 in Lanai and 159 in Molokai. There are also 2,135 residents of Hawaii who have been diagnosed out of state.

Statistics released today reflect the new cases of infection reported to the department on Friday.

Health officials also said today that out of the state’s total number of infections, 10,817 cases were considered active. Officials say they view infections reported in the past 14 days as a “proxy number for active cases.” The state’s total number of active cases today increased by 880.

Per island, Oahu has 7,362 active cases, Big Island 1,840, Maui 1,165, Kauai 402, Lanai 12, and Molokai 36.

Hawaii’s latest COVID-19 vaccine summary shows 1,848,431 doses of the vaccine were administered through state and federal distribution programs on Friday, up 7,454 from the previous day. Health officials say 62% of the state’s population is now fully vaccinated and 70% have received at least one dose.

Of all confirmed cases of infection in Hawaii, 3,444 required hospitalizations, with 74 new hospitalizations reported today.

Seventeen hospitalizations in the state’s overall tally are residents of Hawaii who were diagnosed and treated out of state. Of the 3,427 hospitalizations in the state, 2,782 were in Oahu, 397 in Maui, 220 in Big Island, 21 in Kauai, five in Lanai and two in Molokai.

According to the latest information from the department’s Hawaii COVID-19 Data dashboard, a total of 430 patients with the virus were in hospitals in Hawaii on Friday, including 92 in intensive care units and 74 on ventilators.

The seven-day average number of cases for Oahu is 601 and the seven-day average positivity rate is 8.9%, state health officials said today.


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