Harry Kane statement labeled ‘PR stunt’ as Tottenham star responds to accusations and Pep Guardiola publicly comments on England striker – .

Harry Kane statement labeled ‘PR stunt’ as Tottenham star responds to accusations and Pep Guardiola publicly comments on England striker – .

Harry Kane’s statement clarifying the situation surrounding his absence from Tottenham’s training ground has been called a “public relations coup”.

Kane did not show up for preseason testing on Monday, as Spurs would have expected, but stayed on vacation in the Bahamas before heading to Florida.

Kane will return to Tottenham training ground this weekend

The England striker wants to step away from the club this summer but they are reportedly unwilling to budge on the £ 160million price tag.

Kane was criticized for his actions, but did not speak until five days after the fury started.

He posted on social media: “It’s been almost 10 years since I made my debut with Spurs. For each of these years you – the fans – have shown me total love and support.

“That’s why it hurts to read some of the comments this week, questioning my professionalism.

“Although I won’t go into the details of the situation, I want to make it clear that I never would and never refused to train. I will be returning to the club tomorrow as planned.

“I would not do anything to jeopardize the relationship with the fans who have given me unwavering support during my time at the club. This has always been the case as it is today. Harry. “

Kane publicly commented on the situation on Friday

Pep Guardiola confirmed on Friday that City would be “very interested” in the forward, but admitted that a deal would be difficult to strike.

He said: “If Tottenham don’t want to negotiate, it’s over. “

Kane’s statement came after Guardiola spoke to the media, and former Spurs midfielder Jamie O’Hara questioned the timing of the release.

He told the Sports Bar: “For me that reaction from Harry Kane comes from this press conference and it’s a huge publicity stunt to say ‘this is potentially not going to happen’.

“They have Jack Grealish, they spent the money. Lionel Messi is now available for free and Pep will be on the phone trying to get him.

“All of a sudden Harry Kane might think he has to go back a bit and come back with the Spurs fans.

“Are Spurs fans fickle? Even if he’s the talisman, are you happy with it? I’m not happy, I’m bored.


Kane will only leave Tottenham if his price is met

“He could have done it on Tuesday and said, ‘Wait a minute, I’m away. I’m coming back, I’m never going to train for the football club. I’m just enjoying an extended break after the Euro.

“Everyone would have been ‘okay, no problem’.

“If he leaves in a month and Daniel Levy gets his money, then you can debate whether it was the right decision and whether Spurs got the right deal.

“He let this whole situation happen for four days and then came out after Pep said it might not happen. “



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