Harry and Meghan left ‘speechless’ by Taliban takeover – .

Harry and Meghan left ‘speechless’ by Taliban takeover – .

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex spoke of the pain caused by the dramatic events of Afghanistan who left the Taliban in charge two decades after the operation to force them out of power.

Prince harry and Meghan made a statement through their Archewell Foundation to reflect on the rapid change in the lives of Afghans – especially women there – describing the world as “exceptionally fragile right now”.

It had left them “speechless,” the couple said.

Hundreds of people gathered outside Kabul International Airport in Afghanistan on Tuesday in an attempt to flee the country. Credit: PA

Prince harry spent two periods of service in Afghanistan with the British Army and was also brought in to host the Invictus Games tournament for injured men and women after traveling to the UK from the front line in a plane from military transport bringing home the dead and wounded.

Prince Harry seated in his position on a Spartan armored vehicle in Helmand province, southern Afghanistan, 02/28/08. Credit: Pennsylvania

The Sussexes also reflected on the earthquake in Haiti which has so far killed 1,500 people.

They said the growing humanitarian catastrophe there had “heartbroken” them.

A building is in ruins three days after a magnitude 7.2 earthquake and the morning after Tropical Storm Grace swept through Les Cayes, Haiti.

Harry and Meghan also said that the news spread Covid-19 the variants and misinformation surrounding the coronavirus vaccine meant they were “scared.”

They urged world leaders to act when they meet at the upcoming summit of G20 leaders and the United Nations General Assembly.

The Duke and Duchess said: ‘As an international community, it is the decisions we make now – to alleviate the suffering of those we know and those we may never meet – that will prove our humanity. “

Harry and Meghan have said they want to do what they can to ‘respond at the present moment’ to offer support to the military community.

Harry has a number of ties to veterans organizations and has close ties to former soldiers, sailors and air force members who served in the British armed forces.

Harry was an Apache helicopter co-pilot on his second tour of Afghanistan.

“We can put our values ​​into action – together,” Harry and Meghan wrote and urged their supporters to devote their time and resources to various organizations.

One of them was World Central Kitchen, a charity that already has teams on the ground to feed those affected by the earthquake in Haiti.

A soldier walks through the rubble of the earthquake the morning after Tropical Storm Grace swept through Les Cayes, Haiti.

On the fight against the coronavirus, the couple spoke about the Vax Live campaign for vaccine equity and the anti-poverty campaign group Global Citizen.

Harry and Meghan wrote: ‘We recognize that many of you may be feeling helpless right now as you watch the state of the world turn rapidly.

“It may seem overwhelming and overwhelming, but we believe in the power of shared purpose, action and commitment for our collective well-being. “


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