Google employees who choose to work from home may earn less than before – .

Google employees who choose to work from home may earn less than before – .

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Google employees based in the same office before the pandemic could see salary changes if they move to work from home permanently, according to a corporate salary calculator seen by Reuters.

Adjusting wages for the cost of living where remote workers are located – rather than their offices – is an ongoing experiment in Silicon Valley, which often sets trends for large employers.

Facebook and Twitter also pay less for remote employees who move to cheaper areas. However, small businesses, including Reddit and Zillow, have moved to location-independent compensation models, citing benefits in hiring, retention and diversity.

Alphabet Inc’s Google sets itself apart by offering employees a calculator that allows them to see the effects of a move.

Working from home could affect the wages of some

But in practice, some remote workers, especially those who commute long distances, could experience pay cuts without changing addresses.

“Our compensation plans have always been determined by location, and we always pay at the top of the local market based on an employee’s workplace,” a Google spokesperson said, adding that the salary would differ from city ​​to city and state to state.

A Google employee, who asked not to be identified for fear of reprisal, typically visits the Seattle office from a nearby county and said he would likely see his pay cut by around 10% working from home at full time, estimated. by the company’s Work Location Tool, launched in June.

The employee was planning to work remotely but decided to continue traveling to the office – despite the two-hour commute – saying the pay cut would have been of a similar amount to his last promotion.

“I didn’t do all that hard work to get promoted and then take a pay cut,” they said.

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