Good, bad and ugly from the Packers’ preseason loss to the Jets – .

Good, bad and ugly from the Packers’ preseason loss to the Jets – .

– Kurt Benkert against the Jets starters: The Packers’ third-string quarterback started with substitute Jordan Love still recovering from a shoulder strain he suffered last week against the Texans. Benkert produced a promising first-half performance against the Jets first and second strings when it really mattered, throwing for 103 yards and a touchdown. He completed 12 of 16 attempts with a 112.2 passer rating. It should be noted that two of the four incompleteness were abandoned by Jace Sternberger and Malik Taylor. Benkert isn’t making it easy for the coaching staff to decide whether to keep three quarters on the final roster.

– Royce Newman at the right guard: The rookie started along the inside of the offensive line after taking several reps from the first teams this week. Newman did not allow pressure in pass protection and played a big part in the running game. His best block came on an 11-yard run by AJ Dillon with 8:30 left in the first quarter, where he sealed the inside shoulder of a Jets defenseman and created a massive hole to go through. It is quite possible that Newman will be the starter in the right guard in Week 1 against the Saints.

– Malik Taylor as WR No. 1: He was Green Bay’s de facto No.1 receiver with several veterans off duty, which provided a great opportunity to show why he deserves a spot on the roster. He had an early fall, but quickly rebounded to four catches for 66 yards (team height). All four tried a first try on a third try. His best play came with a beautiful back shoulder throw and catch that put the offense in the red zone and helped set the game’s second score for the Packers.

– The racing game: The Packers’ rushed offense was much better than last week, especially in the first quarter against the Jets starters. AJ Dillon finished with 28 yards on four carries (7.0 averaged), Kylin Hill had 29 yards on seven carries (4.1 averaged) and Patrick Taylor had 48 yards on eight carries (6.0 averaged). It’s more testament to the offensive line’s blocking of the run, although Dillon looked impressive on the yards after contact.

– TJ Slaton as a situational pass-rusher: Who would have thought that the 6-foot-4, 330-pound rookie had the ability to influence the passing game? Slaton had an impressive sack with 12:30 left in the third quarter, which helped block the Jets’ first practice in the second half. While lined up along the inside shoulder of the Jets’ right tackle, Slaton crossed the line in an impressive swim stroke for his first (unofficial) career sack.


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