Global total of Covid cases exceeds 200 million – .

Global total of Covid cases exceeds 200 million – .

Two hundred million is a huge number.

But as the world has recorded the 200 millionth detected case of coronavirus infection, that disheartening figure – more than the populations of Germany, France and Spain combined – also fails to capture just how bad the virus is. has taken root in humanity.

While this is still an imperfect measure of a virus that causes no symptoms in many of the people it infects, with many unreported infections, the tally of cases has provided a useful tool for many. part of the pandemic – like a flashing red light in the cockpit of an airliner. warning of imminent danger.

An increase in the number of cases has too often been followed by a crush of people rushing into emergency rooms. And then, several weeks later, the number of deaths generally increased. It took more than a year for the pandemic to reach its 100 millionth case, and just over six months to double, with the world surpassing the 200 million figure on Wednesday, according to the University’s Center for Systems Science and Engineering. Johns Hopkins. .


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