French youth must improve sport ready for Paris 2024 Olympics – .

French youth must improve sport ready for Paris 2024 Olympics – .

The French Minister of Education, Youth and Sports said the country had “a weaker sporting tradition than others”, address the nation while Tokyo handed the Olympic witness to Paris this weekend.
Jean-Michel Blanquer then underlined the challenges associated with maintaining an active lifestyle by young people due to the effects of time spent in front of a screen.

In its study published in 2019, the WHO places France behind Pakistan, Kenya and the United States by ranking it 119th out of 146 countries for physical activity among young people.

The study showed that 87% of young people aged 11 to 17 in France exercised less than an hour per day in 2016, compared to 81% worldwide.

Among Western countries, only Italy, Australia and New Zealand are behind France.

More emphasis was being placed on other topics in schools, said Regina Guthold, one of the doctors behind the study. Franceinfo.

“I know that children go to school from morning to night in France. They are coming home, they have homework to do. How can they get an hour of physical activity a day if the whole day is busy? she said.

Whether or not screens interfere with physical activity in young people is open to debate.

A report from the French High Council for Public Health, also released in 2019, said the results of various studies offered no consensus.

“While exposure to screens does not directly replace physical activity, studies show that in a causal relationship, adolescents who are already inactive are those who spend the most time using them,” he explains.


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