France wins Olympic gold in women’s handball – .

France wins Olympic gold in women’s handball – .

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                La France a remporté son premier titre olympique de handball féminin en battant l'équipe du Comité olympique russe (ROC) 30 à 25 en finale des Jeux de Tokyo dimanche.

                                    <p>La France a décroché l'or à la suite d'une confrontation dramatique et intense entre les deux équipes au cours de laquelle elles ont eu le dessus à la pause avant que les Russes n'égalisent à 16-16.

But France then shifted gears to take a decisive 20-16 advantage in the 43rd minute of a close game in which the lead had so far not crossed more than three points.

ROC had won their previous meeting with France by a lone goal in the group stage in Tokyo despite being late at half-time but their efforts were unsuccessful in the final.

The victory allowed France to emulate their male counterparts by winning the gold medal, marking the first time since Los Angeles 1984 that both male and female handball teams from the same country have triumphed at the Games.

The Soviet Union first achieved the feat in 1976 before Yugoslavia almost four decades ago.

Norway won bronze after beating Sweden 36-19 earlier on Sunday, dominating the clash as their quick attacks overwhelmed the Swedish defense.

Norway also won bronze in women’s handball at the Rio 2016 Olympics after winning the title at the 2012 and 2008 Games.

Sweden, who were playing their first Olympic medal match in women’s handball, struggled throughout the game and missed many shots.

Nora Moerk led the Norwegian assault on the Swedish goal on Sunday, scoring eight balls to claim the top female scorer in handball at the Tokyo Games with 52 goals.

An exceptional performance by Norwegian goalkeeper Silje Solberg, who recorded a superb 44% saving efficiency rate and even scored a goal, kept Sweden in check.

“This is my first Olympic medal and it means a lot to me,” said Solberg.

“To finish this way is a good feeling for me and the whole team. We have shown that we are meant to be here in the top three.




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