France will welcome 50 million foreign visitors this season – .

France will welcome 50 million foreign visitors this season – .

More than 50 million foreign tourists are expected to visit France this summer, up from 35 million last year, the tourism minister said, although long-haul travelers should stay away.
Deputy Minister of Tourism Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne confirmed the figure in a interview with the Journal du Dimanche today (Sunday August 1).

“Summer brings hope,” he said. “Germans, Dutch, Belgians… on the other hand, the British, as happened last summer, come less, because their government has put in place a strict quarantine for their return. “

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However, the expected number is still well below the 90 million who visited in 2019, and the majority of international “long-haul” visitors will remain largely absent, added the minister.

He said: “Some Americans have returned in June, but we won’t see most Asian tourists until 2022. Paris suffers from a lack of tourist activity. “

Live in France, stay in France

When it comes to people who live in France, the majority still opt for vacations closer to home.

Mr. Lemoyne said: “In 2020, 94% of people living in France who went on vacation did so in France. This year, that figure is already 80%. And with the fourth wave crossing the world, many will choose to discover our shores again. Probably 85%.

It comes as more than 200,000 people protested against the health passport rules yesterday (July 31), which include the requirement to present a laissez-passer when using long-distance trips such as trains in France.

Mr. Lemoyne said: “The health pass is the first line of defense that will help us fight the epidemic. Its principle is precisely to avoid traditional braking measures [such as lockdown]. The virus constantly behaves in unexpected ways, and we will continue to have a nationwide response. ”

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