France should lose “amber plus” status, expert predicts – .

France should lose “amber plus” status, expert predicts – .

France is expected to get rid of its special ‘orange plus’ status and return to the UK government’s amber list when the traffic light system for international travel is updated later this week, an expert said.
Blocking the number of Covid-19 cases and a lower infection rate should push France out of the amber plus category, where it was placed last month, according to data analyst Tim White.

If this happens, fully vaccinated UK adults who received their second dose at least 14 days before and those under 18 will no longer need to self-quarantine when they return from France, but will instead take a lateral flow test. prior to departure plus the second day gold standard of the PCR test upon entry to the UK.

“Good news from France tonight,” White tweeted.

“Not only am I pretty sure it will return to the regular amber category, but the cases of Covid-19 are on the decline tonight.

“5,184 more infections, just 113 fewer than last Monday, but more importantly the infection rate (4%) has started to decline. “

The amber plus category could be removed altogether during the travel rules review on Thursday.

Government sources confirmed last night that there would be no “orange watch list” – a concept that was launched this week before being quickly scrapped following backlash from Tory ministers and the government. travel industry – and now experts say the whole system should be simplified.

“Looks like they’re going to go back to the original red, orange and green traffic list,” said Paul Charles, founder of PC Agency, a travel consulting firm. Talk on the radio this morning.

Such a move would increase passenger confidence but does not go far enough, Charles said. “What consumers really need to hear is that there will be a lot more notice between moving from one country from one category to another, which is what still turns people off. “

France received its “amber plus” status last month in response to concerns about the beta virus variant.

Variant cases were increasing at an alarming rate in Réunion, a French island in the Indian Ocean 5,800 miles from the mainland.

The move was greeted with dismay by fully vaccinated Britons already in France and those scheduled to travel, who had booked their trips with the understanding that they would not have to self-quarantine upon their return to the UK, in accordance with restrictions for Amber List countries.


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