France says it has evacuated 407 Afghan nationals since Monday

France says it has evacuated 407 Afghan nationals since Monday

France’s defense ministry said in a statement it had evacuated more than 570 people, including at least 407 Afghan nationals, from Kabul since Monday, a day after the city was captured by a resurgent Taliban. The ministry’s statement comes as governments around the world scramble to repatriate their citizens from Afghanistan, where the Taliban have seized power for the second time, and for the first time since 2001, when state-led forces United have ended their five-year reign. .

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“A fourth evacuation plane landed in Paris on Friday evening. There were four French and 99 Afghans on board. Most of them are people who worked with the French government or French groups in Afghanistan, ”the statement said. He further specifies that the French Embassy in Kabul, which has been relocated to Hamid Karzai International Airport, as well as the State services, remain “fully mobilized to ensure new flights as soon as possible”.

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France’s first evacuation flight from the Afghan capital landed in Paris on Tuesday via the United Arab Emirates (UAE), French President Emmanuel Macron announced after his arrival. The day before, Macron had promised that his government “would not abandon the Afghans who worked for France” and “would also seek to protect journalists, artists, activists and others threatened” following the return of the Taliban regime.

The Taliban conquered Kabul on August 15, forcing senior officials, including then-president Ashraf Ghani, to flee the country. Since then, Ghani has been caught at by the United Arab Emirates, while First Vice President Amrullah Saleh, who is also in hiding, declared himself as interim president “in accordance with the Constitution of Afghanistan”. The Taliban’s advance into the Afghan capital, and eventual victory, came amid the ongoing withdrawal of US troops, who are leaving Afghanistan after arriving here following the September 11 attacks.

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