France refines aid to businesses as COVID-19 blank check ends – .

France refines aid to businesses as COVID-19 blank check ends – .

France will shut down the aid fire thrower to help businesses navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, instead of directing funds where they need it most, the government’s chief accountant said on Sunday.
“This is the end of all that is necessary”, warned the Minister of Public Accounts Olivier Dussopt.

The government wants to “look at what is really being lost, rather than just what is being said”.

He added that not all industries or regions suffer in the same way, and that even in some areas affected by VOCID, there are companies that thrive.

“We are ready to help sectors that really need it,” Dussopt told Radio J ahead of a meeting with executives from industries still suffering from the pandemic, including tourism, small business and culture.

He specified that any aid “will be a necessarily transitional, very sectoral approach”.

As an example, Dussopt cited catering: “In some regions the number of visitors is the same as before, it is even higher than in July and August 2020, which were months that did not have been affected. “

Businesses must also take responsibility for their own operations and finding solutions to their problems, he said.

Instead of just complaining about the difficulty of hiring, he said, employers “have an interest in making the careers they offer more attractive” – ​​by increasing wages, for example.

The state has made great efforts, he said.

Moreover, economic growth is forecast at 6% this year, with the government hoping for 4% in 2022.

The minister said the government deficit peaked at 9.2% in 2020 and would fall “below 9%” by 2021.

It was “despite the cost of the crisis, despite the cost of the stimulus package,” he said, adding “we can aim for a target of around 5%” in 2022, depending on real growth.

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