Former Dallas nurse dies after diagnosed with COVID-19 – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth – .

Former Dallas nurse dies after diagnosed with COVID-19 – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth – .

Tributes to Mandy Brown flooded social media with people who knew and worked with her on Friday. The 30-year-old mother of two died Thursday after being diagnosed with COVID-19.

“For her to be gone so young, it’s just an absolutely tragic thing for her and her family,” said Jason Countryman. Countryman is a Firefighter / Paramedic for the City of Trophy Club who previously worked with Brown at CareFlite.

Brown was a paramedic on the ambulances transporting patients to CareFlite from 2014 to 2017.

“But she also spent time in our education department, training other paramedics and paramedics,” said Jim Swartz, CEO of CareFlite. “That’s how good we think she was. “

“She was very good, very passionate, very knowledgeable,” Countryman said. “She was such a warm and caring person. She liked people. She loved her job… she was first a paramedic, then became a nurse. “

Brown was a nurse at the Children’s in Dallas at the height of the pandemic. She left in December 2020 for a nursing job in East Texas.

“We know the dangers we get into,” Countryman said of frontline workers. “We accept these dangers. This is kind of the reason why we accept this job. We care more about helping people than ourselves. “

NBC 5 does not know where or how Brown was exposed to COVID-19, or if she was vaccinated.

“We never broached this subject,” Countryman said. “As long as she is vaccinated, I don’t know. “

Brown’s family declined to discuss his COVID vaccine status. Over the phone, his mother mourned their loss.

“She was a gentle, caring, loving and beautiful soul,” said Brown’s mother.


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