Forget the MacBook Pro, Apple has something bigger planned – .

Forget the MacBook Pro, Apple has something bigger planned – .

Apple’s MacBook laptops are in tears, with record sales announced in the recent earnings call. Switching to its own ARM-based processor unlocked a wave of purchases. But if you’re planning on buying a MacBook Pro, you might want to take a look at what Apple has planned for the next step before you take out your wallet.

Aside from the apparent design flaw that users of the 2020 MacBook Pro and MacBook Air update are reporting spontaneous display cracks, there are some important reasons not to buy a new MacBook Pro regardless of the offerings. specials and back-to-school packages that are no doubt in their way.

The first is to realize that despite the inclusion of the Apple Silicon processor, current MacBook Pro M1 laptops are the low end laptops. As with recent Intel MacBook Pros, the lineup features a clear division between “high end” and “low end” specifications. The Pro laptops that went on sale late last year are squarely on the “low end” of the market.

If you are looking for the “high end” models, they are yet to be launched. The nebulous “in the next few months” is suggested by many, which puts them in the traditional late-October niche that Tim Cook’s team is fond of for laptop launches.

Then there is the design. The current MacBook Pro uses a design that, while current, is expected to pay for itself with the launch of new laptops. The early Apple Silicon machines kept the exact same look and feel on the outside, no doubt to help consumers stay comfortable with the brand as the architecture change took place under the keyboard.

Apple now has the opportunity to bring new design trends to the platform, rework the bezels, keyboard, trackpad, external dimensions, and no doubt try to refine everything a bit.

Of course, that’s not the biggest visual change. More than the new design, the next discussions on the MacBook Pro will be about the screen. Switching to miniLED is expected to deliver brighter colors, deeper blacks, and all with lower power consumption. The smaller (and more popular) MacBook is expected to increase the screen size up to 14 inches – which likely means much smaller bezels under the new design discussed above.

Finally, of course, it’s the processor. Suiting to the status of “high-end” MacBook Pro machines, the new macOS laptops will ship with an upgraded M1 processor; the supposedly named M1X should have more cores to offer more processing and graphics power.

A new refreshed design; a clearer and improved display; and a little more processing power. All that to wait a few months. Why would you want to buy a new MacBook Pro now when Apple has something better around the corner?

Of course, if you want the next-gen M2 processor, well, that happens too.


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