Fifty million visitors expected in France this summer despite the Covid pandemic – .

Fifty million visitors expected in France this summer despite the Covid pandemic – .

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                Le ministre français du tourisme, Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne, a déclaré que 50 millions de visiteurs étrangers, principalement européens, sont attendus en France cet été, tandis que les touristes internationaux venus de plus loin resteront largement absents en raison des restrictions de voyage strictes mises en place pour freiner la propagation des Covid19.

                                    <p>Dans une interview à l'hebdomadaire <em>Le Journal du Dimanche,</em> Lemoyne a déclaré que la France devrait recevoir 50 millions de touristes étrangers contre 35 millions l'an dernier et 90 millions en 2019.

He said that while tourists from Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands are present, there are fewer British tourists due to the strict restrictions put in place by their government on their return.

He said international customers outside of Europe are still largely lacking.

“A few Americans have been returning since June, but we will not see Asian tourists again before 2022. And Paris still suffers from a lack of business tourism,” he added.

Lemoyne pointed out that many French people are likely to spend their holidays in France. He added that with the arrival of the fourth wave of the Covid-19 epidemic in the world, many French people are choosing to rediscover the territories of their country.

“In 2020, 94% of French people who went on vacation chose France. This year the figure is already 80% and will probably be around 85%. “

Last June, Members of the European Parliament approved a new travel certificate that will allow people to move between EU states without facing quarantine or additional coronavirus tests, paving the way for the start of the pass in time for the summer.

Passes must be issued by individual nations, not by a centralized European system. They will contain a QR code with advanced security features. Personal data will not be shared with other countries.

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