Father ends his life at the grave of his slain son at Protective Edge – .

Father ends his life at the grave of his slain son at Protective Edge – .

Holocaust survivor Moshe Etzion, who lost his son Zevik in the final hours of Operation Protective Edge in 2014, ended his life Sunday morning at his son’s grave.

Etzion, 88, left his home on Sunday morning on Zevik’s yahrzeit and left for many hours, residents of Kibbutz Nirim, where he lived, said. When his family became concerned, a search began and his body was found at Zevik’s grave in the Nirim cemetery.

“Moshe courageously faced his loss and his life as a Holocaust survivor,” said his friends in Nirim. “Since Zevik’s passing, Moshe has strived to continually try to be worthy of Zevik’s legacy, which he has spoken of in dozens of places and events. “

They added that Moshe always had his head held high and gave his friends hope that anything was possible.

Last year Moshe’s family published a book telling his story from his childhood in Krakow to his trip to Israel via Tehran and settling in Nirim. The book was titled “Always Traveling”.

“Today the journey has ended,” said residents of Nirim.

“My father was an optimistic man who loved life, and his smile never left his face,” Moshe’s daughter, Smadar, told Walla. He was very fond of Israel and its kibbutz. He did everything with love. “

She also spoke about how Moshe led Palestinian children from checkpoints to Israeli hospitals.

“He has spoken of not wanting to be a burden on his family,” Smadar told N12. “He was already getting weak and wanted to die with dignity. “

She added that it didn’t surprise her where Moshe chose to end her life. “He liked Zevik a lot. After Zevik’s death, he requested his personal weapon as a souvenir, and he did so with that same weapon. “

Zevik Etzion was the military security coordinator in Nirim and was killed by a mortar explosion just hours before the Protective Rim ceasefire. He leaves behind a wife, five children, his parents and his sister. The funeral will be held Monday at 6:30 p.m. in Nirim.


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