Faith Hill shares her daughter Maggie’s singing skills in rare video – SheKnows – .

Faith Hill shares her daughter Maggie’s singing skills in rare video – SheKnows – .

Faith Hill is a proud mom and she found a really cute way to honor her second daughter, Maggie McGraw, on her 23rd birthday on Thursday. Hill shared a video, which appears to have been taken during the holidays, of her daughter performing the song “Burn” from the Broadway musical, Hamilton.

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Sounds like singing talent is part of the family, especially when your mom is a five-time Grammy Award winner and dad Tim McGraw has three Grammy Awards in his library as well. Maggie might want to continue in the family business after hearing her sing – maybe Lin-Manuel Miranda could find her a role in her next production?

There is also a touch of humor in the clip because Hill’s daughter, in her holiday flannel, uses an angel from their Christmas decorations as a microphone. It makes mom’s caption even more fun to read. Hill wrote: “I just couldn’t imagine celebrating our daughter Maggie’s 23rd birthday today without releasing a song from her all-time favorite musical, Hamilton. Oh, I have a lot of videos I could share, but this one shows off his great sense of humor the best. We are all so proud of you Mags and we love you so much !! * No angel was hurt during the making of this video * »

Maggie keeps a lower profile than her other two sisters, Gracie, 24, and Audrey, 19, but the three are close-knit siblings. “Anyone who has more than one child knows they are so different. They are so individual. But they’re all very close and all really support each other, ”said Tim. Country Countdown United States in 2016. “They miss each other when they’re not around, but they also want their sisters to experience life.

Well, we hope Maggie doesn’t let that gorgeous voice go to waste – we’d love to see the next generation of Hill-McGraws take the stage.

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