Facebook haters at risk of having their accounts deleted – .

Facebook haters at risk of having their accounts deleted – .

Upon the release of Lizzo’s new collaboration with Cardi B “Rumors” last week, the rapper and singer was bombarded with negative online comments, many of which were rude or racist in nature. It got so bad that Lizzo broke down in tears on Instagram Live on Sunday, telling viewers, “Sometimes I feel like the world just doesn’t love me back. She also posted a TikTok video criticizing the use of the Mammy trope against her: “Those people who say this are probably the same people who get angry when I’m hyper sexual and the mammy trope is actually completely deexualized.” So that can’t be true at the same time – make sense of it. I really think people are just crazy to see a fat black woman doing pop music and being happy.

A number of celebrities have expressed their support for Lizzo, including Cardi, who wrote that “Body shame and calling your mom is mean and racist like shit” among other tweets defending her collaborator. Now, TMZ reports that Facebook has joined the cause by removing comments on its Facebook and Instagram accounts that are believed to violate the platforms’ policies against hate speech, harassment and bullying. This process resulted in the deletion of some user accounts for persistent violation. A Facebook representative said it was continuing to monitor the situation and would delete more accounts if necessary.

Check out Lizzo and Cardi’s comments on the issue below.

#stitch with @pablothedon They don’t know I’m doing it for the culture .. gahdam
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