Everyone involved with Dexter seems to agree that the original ending was very bad. – .

Everyone involved with Dexter seems to agree that the original ending was very bad. – .

When it comes to fandoms, it’s often quite difficult to find something that everyone will agree on. That is, of course, unless you’re talking to Dexter fans. It’s hard to find someone who truly enjoys the 2013 Showtime series ending, with the titular serial killer becoming a reclusive lumberjack in the woods. In fact, even those who were involved in making the series seem to agree that the ending is missed, with series star Michael C. Hall saying at Comic-Con 2021 that the story “deserved a better ending.”

With Dexter reviving Showtime’s Dexter: New Blood, Showtime Networks President of Entertainment Gary Levine made it clear during the TCA Network’s summer press tour that they hope to mend an ending that most consider shattered. “Dexter is a crown jewel of Showtime and we didn’t do him justice in the end, I think,” he said. “We always wanted to see if there was a way to do it right, and it took a long time to figure out what that was. “

This new version of the series picks up a decade later, with Hall back in the lead role. He is joined by Clyde Phillips, who was showrunner for the first four seasons. Along the way, they hope to write down the wrongs of the original finale.

“I think the way the show ended has a lot to do with why we’re revisiting the show and the character,” Hall explained during the Dexter: New Blood panel. “I think a lot of what was mystifying or unsatisfying to people is a lot of what creates the appetite that we hope to satisfy now, you know? The show didn’t end in a way that was definitive for people or made sense to anyone. We haven’t heard from Dexter, he didn’t tell us anything at the end of the show and I think it left the audience in, at the very least, a sense of suspended animation. ”

According to Phillips, this is something the duo have wanted to address since the end of the series. “Over the years Michael and I have had a chat,” he said. “Sometimes he would be interviewed somewhere and someone would ask him if Dexter was coming back and he wouldn’t deny it, and then I would see him and call him and we would talk about a few things. But the timing was never right for Michael and it had to be right for Michael’s psyche, Michael’s character, Michael as an actor, as a man. “

Now that filming for the show is over and the first episode arrives November 7 on Showtime, they’re ready for the world to see Dexter for the ending they think he deserves. “There was a feeling it was an unfinished business,” Hall said.

Will business be over by the end of New Blood, or is there potential for even more Dexter in the future? While Phillips and Hall wouldn’t confirm if this is a closed series, Levine seems to see it as the end.

“For me it’s the revisit of Dexter and I think, for me, a fitting finale for a brilliant series,” he said.

Dexter: New Blood premieres November 7 on Showtime. In addition to Hall’s return, Jennifer Carpenter (Deb) and John Lithgow (the Trinity Slayer) will reprise their roles in the new series, which should be interesting since they are both dead.


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