Every word of Rangers Covid address as Celtic shock return hopes revealed – .

Every word of Rangers Covid address as Celtic shock return hopes revealed – .

Gary McAllister believes Rangers players absent for their Europa League qualifiers could return in time to face Celtic.
Ibrox’s club were shaken by positive tests for Covid-19 in their camp before traveling to Armenia to face Alashkert.

Boss Steven Gerrard is absent for the game, while captain James Tavernier, Ryan Kent, Calvin Bassey, Allan McGregor, John McLaughlin did not travel from Glasgow Airport for the second leg.

Apart from the bulk of the group stage, the first clash of the season with the team of Ange Postecoglou arrives on Sunday.

However, deputy boss McAllister believes current Covid rules mean some players could be back in the fold on derby day.

He offered the fans hope ahead of the game and insisted they were aiming for more nights under the lights of Ibrox.

Every word from McAllister’s press conference

How did the timing of this situation go and when will those affected be back?

“Things have unfolded over the past few days and we have adapted as we go.

“But we have now arrived here in Armenia and we are focused on the job at hand. We end this match and hope to get the result to move on to the group stage.

“Then we can turn our attention to the game this weekend, but we come here fully focused on getting the job done here. “

How would you rate the confidence and readiness of the players on the team?

“We have youngsters from the B team who have impressed recently.

“They impressed when they came and trained with the first team. We are convinced, if we are in a good position, that they will all be able to go on the pitch.

“If it did, it would be huge for them. It’s already a great experience for these young guys to have come to join training today and to travel, it’s probably a first for them all.

“But they are very capable and we have great confidence in these young players. “

Will there be any communication with Steven during the game, have you told him about it?

” Absoutely. Listen, the message will stay the same, all the presentations will stay the same.

“He will join us with conversations like the ones we are having here. All his messages will certainly be passed on to the players.

“Michael Beale is there for all aspects of training and the tactical awareness that players need to take into account before the game.

“It will be reinforced by myself and then the manager will probably also speak before the game.

“We are in constant contact with Steven.

“We’re the lucky ones here who can affect the result and we have to try to get the result for the guys in the UK.

How confident are you that Robby McCrorie can produce a great performance?

Robby McCrorie in action in the Betfred Cup Final

“I was impressed from the first day of the preseason.

“He’s a very shy young man, a big guy but very calm.

“Since we came back for the preseason, I’ve seen a different Robby. This was reinforced by the fact that he went to play on loan at Livingston last season and gained valuable Premiership experience.

“But what I noticed was that he became more confident in and around the first team players – more talkative, more talkative.

“He’s first every morning and is a goalie like the goalies I’ve played with – a real workaholic.

“There’s just more confidence around Robby as a man and it’s nice to see that maturity. It’s someone coming out of their shell and maybe, for the first time, thinking “I belong here”. “

How important will the team leaders be during this time?

“Massive. There is a word that we have used a lot recently and it is “together”.

“It’s this group of senior players who have a good experience. Of course, during their careers all players accumulate bad experiences, but our players have good experiences.

“We need them all to be in the foreground, it’s a team where we have to really come together, be very close and get the right results. “

How well prepared is the club for this Covid coup not having dealt with major issues before?

“We feel we have a strong team. We have strength in depth. We were touched. There is no doubt. injuries around players.

“The start of the season was hampered by that, but obviously all these little things sound like excuses. But these are things that we have to adapt with, use and use our team with.

“The players who are now on the team must seize the opportunity.

“I think most of the clubs have been affected, but we’ve been extremely diligent around our training ground, I have to say. The fact that it’s a pretty big space, everything that people in and around the club are trying to keep everyone as safe as possible has been done. We just have to adapt and take advantage of the fact that we have a great team. ”

Four of the goalscorers against Ross County have traveled with you, does that give you any offensive options?

Alfredo Morelos celebrates after scoring to bring the score to 3-1

“Absolutely, and when you see the team tomorrow you will look at them and say the team can play most games. We had some good times in Europe last season and the team we are fielding is, in our opinion, capable of looking for a result.

“We think we can own the ball, enjoy good possession, but my feeling is that we can also score goals. We need to take center stage and seek to increase our lead. “

Is there a chance that the players will be reinstated in the squad before Sunday?

“You have to be aware of the fact that now we have moved on and a lot of people around our club are doubly vaccinated, there are benefits.

“So we’ll look at this. Things will change as we speak. “

Is this something that you have looked at?

“I’m sure our medical staff at the club are on it. They pass information on to the governing bodies and we will also be guided by them. “

What would it mean for the club to reach the group stages again?

“For the club it’s huge, but more importantly for the players it’s another chance to take a trip that I’m sure all the players really enjoyed.

“It’s something that I’ve loved since coming back to Glasgow, because simply for me, European nights under the lights of Ibrox are unmatched, and we want a little more.

“It’s the carrot that hangs for our players, it’s the incentive. There are good teams in the Europa League and I hope that if we can reach the group stage there will be a good relationship at Ibrox again. “

What did you think of Alashkert last week?

“I thought they were brave enough in their approach.

“We saw, watching them before playing at Ibrox, that they were willing to try to play in thirds, and they tried to do it.

“They were successful a few times, but they never really managed to get to the goalie.

“We think after looking at their strengths and weaknesses over the past three or four weeks, we think we should be looking to score goals. We really need to be in the spotlight and not let them get into a rhythm. In doing this we have to do what we are doing right. “


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