Erling Haaland, Liverpool and the truth about Dortmund’s £ 64million release clause – .

Erling Haaland, Liverpool and the truth about Dortmund’s £ 64million release clause – .

The chances of Liverpool snatching Erling Haaland from Borussia Dortmund ahead of their main European rivals have always been slim.
The opportunity to sign the Norwegian sensation was likely before he moved to Germany, not after, although his carefully planned career – led by agent Mino Raiola – would have made that decision difficult.

Next summer, clubs can sign the 21-year-old for a ‘bargain’ of £ 64million, with almost any club that can afford that kind of money being tied – although the real cost of signing him or a little higher.

“Dortmund have said that if there is a crazy offer this summer – £ 200million or whatever – they would think about it, but their plan is to keep it for another year,” Bundesliga journalist Constantin Eckner said on a special podcast exclusively for members of Blood. Red Club.

“They will then pocket the 75 million euros (63.9 million pounds) which constitute the release clause for next summer. They can plan that because a club will come and sign him – that’s a no-brainer.

“Will it be Liverpool?” I doubt. On the financial side, Liverpool may not be in a position to close this deal, but I’m never sure.

“Real Madrid are interested in Haaland but they can’t offer Raphael Varane a big contract now so I’m not sure about some of the finances there either.

“Barcelona have money for transfers but it’s always risky for them. PSG, Chelsea and Man City have the money and City have the Alfie Haaland connection [his father previously played for them].

“If there is no cap on agent fees, which we are still talking about with FIFA, then it could be 20 million euros for Mino Raiola, 15 million euros for Alfie Haaland and 20 million euros. euros in annual salary on a five-year contract.

“Even with the € 75million transfer clause, it’s a huge deal to do. “

Combining all of these would require an economic commitment of 210 million euros over five years, even on a reduced transfer fee for the player, whose market value is considerably over 75 million euros given his age and of his file.

This conservative estimate is a big part of why a move to Anfield is unlikely – although Premier League rivals like Man City and Chelsea, you’d expect, wouldn’t be put off.

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