Emmanuel Macron uses cropped vaccine data table to hide UK success and brag about France | Politics

Emmanuel Macron uses cropped vaccine data table to hide UK success and brag about France | Politics

The French president shared the image of a graph based on data released by Our World in Data on Thursday which showed France was leading the vaccination race above the United States and Germany. In an effort to brag and convince more people to get vaccinated, he wrote, “Together we will make it happen.

“Because together France is stronger, more united, more citizen, more responsible. Let’s get vaccinated.
“We are France. “

But Mr Macron’s attempt at jubilation was exposed by Charles-Henri Gallois, leader of Generation Frexit, as he shared the original graphic showing that the UK, Canada and Spain are ahead of France. in the race for vaccination.

He made fun of Mr. Macron: “LOL.

“A scale like Fox News which forgets the figures for Spain, Canada or the United Kingdom as comparable countries. “

It comes as France tightens lockdown rules in the overseas territory of Guadeloupe to curb the spread of COVID-19, government spokesman Gabriel Attal said on Wednesday as infections spikes hospitals in its Caribbean islands are overwhelming.
The French overseas territory of Martinique entered a tighter three-week lockdown on Tuesday to fight the pandemic with the closure of beaches and shops selling non-essential items and restrictions on the movement of people.

The Martinican authorities have also advised tourists to leave the island.

President Emmanuel Macron, who held a virtual meeting with his senior ministers on Wednesday to discuss the pandemic, said the COVID-19 situation in the Caribbean islands was “dire”.

According to the independent site COVIDTracker, only 21% of the populations of Guadeloupe and Martinique have received a first dose of a vaccine.

This compares to 67.05% of all French people who received a dose of the vaccine and 56.04% being fully vaccinated.

Health Minister Olivier Veran called on Sunday volunteer doctors and nurses to visit the territories to strengthen local health personnel.

Attal also said there was no sign of a decline in new COVID-19 infections in France around the world.

“The level of circulation of the virus is high,” he said at a press conference.

Attal said France will stop reimbursing COVID-19 tests from mid-October as the country aims to get more people vaccinated.


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