EastEnders fans choke on Jay’s bulge – .

EastEnders fans choke on Jay’s bulge – .

“Really, guys? REALLY!?’ (Photo: BBC)

Jamie Borthwick is a fantastic actor, with EastEnders fans clamoring for more storylines and scenes starring Jay Brown.

However, we humans are easily distracted and it wasn’t Jamie’s performance that caught the eye in last night’s episode.

Jay wore a very tight-fitting suit and the bulge visible in the pant area means there’s another good reason why Honey Mitchell (Emma Barton) is so thrilled with him.

Of course, let’s not pretend it’s just us at Metro.co.uk who are the superficial.

You have all noticed it too!

While Jay is trying to help Billy (Penny Fenwick) get back on his feet as he found himself homeless, the market scenes were the ones that craved attention.

Judge by yourself :

No, you spotted it (Photo: BBC)

Yes those bananas on the fruit stand look awfully ripe, what were you looking at?

Fans took advantage of the moment by responding on Twitter.

Another fan added that they almost “choked on their breakfast” when they watched the episode this morning.

More seriously, fans weren’t so impressed with the way Jay spoke to homeless Billy; can someone help Billy and see his dire situation?

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